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I’m Annie! Starting 4th Feb!


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Im Annie! Super excited to be starting my W30 journey! I wish I could start sooner, however, I have relatives visiting from abroad that want to experience British food. Cannot wait to start my whole 30 detox!  

Any words of advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated! :) 

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On 1/11/2019 at 5:48 PM, Astar said:

Any words of advice or encouragement would be greatly appreciated!

My advice is to keep it simple at first.  Cook what you like that is already Whole30 compliant, and tweek the ones that are almost compliant.  While it's great to try new recipes, it can be a bit overwhelming at the start.

Read ALL ingredient labels, even the spice mixes.  Here in the US we are bombarded with some form of sugar, soy or corn in almost everything. 

Sauces are your friend.  They can be as simple or as elaborate as you like but they will take a plain piece of chicken/fish/veggie to the next level, and it counts as your added fat.  My fave is a simple lemon/light olive oil mix.  It goes over anything.

Remember that there will be a learning curve, so don't stress it.

You can do this.

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Hi! To add to the last poster's comments, I think the biggest things that my partner tends to miss when reading labels (and why I have to read over it a second time) are the sugars with "sneaky" names. The -oses are the hardest to spot because you're looking for the big buzz words like sugar, corn syrup, and cane. Also sneaky alcohol like in vanilla and other extracts. I almost picked up a whole bag of roasted almonds that had soy because I didn't read what kind of vegetable oil it used. 

My favorite proteins for breakfast are chicken sausages, bacon (!!!), and hash. I've always been a carby breakfast person so if that sounds like you, it's going to be important to find things you really like to make breakfast enjoyable. That's actually true of all meals. If you usually load a particular meal with something non-compliant, you might need to find something compliant that you absolutely love so you don't miss it. Some mornings I do a mix of sweet potatoes and apples with my protein and it is to die for! 

Wishing you luck!

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