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Day 33 - That time you realise the world is not quite geared up for W30

Lorna from Canada

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Hanging in out in Vancouver today - there's a mall across the street and a spa in the hotel so - definitely some treats for moi as I await my 6PM flight to NZ. 

What a day yesterday though! Travel is really difficult on W30 - there just ain't nothin' out there that's compliant! There's only so much you can bring through security and then you're on your own. I did have some cashews, dates and 2 Larabars - but, basically, those are the same thing as each other and they get boring fast. I went from food place to food place enquiring about nutrition information sheets - nada. That shouldn't be a thing. We have progressive food labelling laws here in Canada - how do restaurants get away without providing allergen info? Then, the one place that did basically listed ALL the foods as being the same i.e. having the same allergens. Only the salad came up as allergen free - sigh. I finally found a not-too-busy cafe type place that made me a compliant, dressing free salad - I think - no info so, going with God on this one. Got on the plane and found 3 pieces of cheese in it. It must be really difficult to have serious food allergies in this world! 

Today I faced down the Standard American Diet breakfast buffet: muffins, toast, waffles, cereals, cinnamon buns, sweetened "fruit" yogurt, instant oatmeal. But also, boiled eggs - peeled! And bananas and apples.  And fresh homefries! And a wide selection of nuts with raisins for the oatmeal.  So, while a little monochromatic, breakfast was alright in the end.  In fact, I'm repeating it for lunch as I took a little extra for my room. Please don't rat me out - I just don't know if I have the energy for another round of Airport W30 Roulette.

The adventure continues!


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Pray for me Schrod (and I'm an atheist, so, you know it's bad when I start seeking help from a guy I don't believe in!), sitting here in Vancouver on this gorgeous, sunny day surrounded by free wine, a full bar, (and competent bartender judging from those drinks he's pouring), and every manifestation of gourmet lounge food one could imagine.  The sum total of what I can eat here - an apple, black coffee, a glass of water and 8 olives from the bar. That's it. 

I'm questioning my sanity to be honest and not coming up with compelling answers beyond the pat, but effective "this, too, will pass."


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