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So, it doesn't have to be exact. A tablespoon is probably good for most people, you don't have to be super exact with it, if you don't typically measure as you cook, just estimate it. 

For nuts and seeds, a serving is a small closed handful.

For avocado, it's a half to a whole one.

For olives or coconut flakes, it's a heaping handful.

For coconut milk, it's a third to a half a can, so probably 3-6 oz.

Have one to two servings of fat at each meal, generally in addition to oil you cook in, as much of what you cook in stays in the pan and isn't eaten. 

If sometimes you have a little more, and sometimes you have a little less, don't worry about it, just try to get close at most meals. Fat is a big part of what helps keep you satisfied between meals, so if you feel like you're eating a ton, but you're hungry again in a couple of hours, you may want to add a little more fat to your meals.


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