Dairy Reintro- ok to eat the same dairy item with all 3 meals?

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I know it's probably ok- but had to ask...

My last reset- I ate yogurt with breakfast, cottage cheese with lunch, and regular cheese slice at dinner...I remember enjoying NONE of the items. This time around I bought the same things and I'm not looking forward to it. I don't normally eat yogurt or cottage cheese but I felt like I needed to switch up the reintro items last time so I forced myself to eat 3 dif things.

This time around, I kind of want to just have a cheese slice with eat meal. I think that would be ok, right? It's still dairy after all...just the same dairy 3 times. I just think of all 3 items I have- the cheese slices are what I will want to eat the most. Seeing as I don't eat yogurt or cottage cheese when I'm not doing whole30 anyway. Will this be ok with testing out dairy?


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