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Starting April 25th. I believe in Miracles and if I get through this it WILL be a MIRACLE


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I am not able to get my iron and vitamin D levels to a healthy norm despite the amount of supplements I am taking. I believe my poor gut health is the reason for this. I am hoping this 30 day cleanse will create positive and life changing results for my poor eating habits so I can start fresh again. I am not one to do a 7 day meal plan without any restrictions and I love food so much...ALL OF IT, so I can't imagine surviving 30 DAYS... and it WILL be a miracle if I make it through. After reading the start of the book, "The Whole30" (I'm on Part 1) I am already pumped, motivated and actually feel like I CAN do this!!!

I am starting April 25, 2019. Wish me luck!


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