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MCT Oil Powder

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Does anyone use the MCT Oil Powder by Perfect Keto? They have several flavors and also offer an unflavored version. I've used it before, and here's what I've noticed:

-It helps give me an energy boost throughout the day and a certain kind of mental clarity

-It keeps me full and takes the edge off of hunger

-Since it fills me up, it messes with my Whole30 meal template as I really don't feel hungry until the afternoon, so I worry that it interferes with my goal of trying to have a healthy relationship with food

-It also makes me feel bloated and MCT oil is known to cause digestive issues

I guess I'm trying to weigh the pros and cons and see if/how it fits in with my Whole30/Food Freedom journey. I know MCT oil is mentioned in It Starts with Food, so technically it IS compliant? But it's probably not a good thing if it messes with or eliminates meal #1?

Thoughts? Does anyone else use MCT Oil as part of their Whole30?

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If it keeps you from eating a meal, and it's causing you to feel bloated, it is not really helping you, health-wise. 

It is up to you (except the flavored varieties have stevia so they're out for your whole30 anyway), but why not give it up for 30 days and see how you feel, then treat it like your other reintroductions, see how you feel when you have it, and then decide how it fits into your food freedom?

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