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Day 18 and not feeling any magic

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So today is day 18 for me and i’m still not feeling any sort of magic. My energy is inconsistent, I’m still getting the afternoon slump, my clothes all fit the same, and overall I just thought I would feel a little better at this point. Im not coming from any chronic medical conditions, and I ate relatively healthy before starting this program but wanted to take that additional step toward healthy eating. My gym performance has also been the same. 

I also went to the doctor the other day (day 16) and had to weigh myself. I was extremely disappointed when I saw that I weighed the exact same at a previous appointment 3 months prior. During the time of that appointment I was consistently drinking soda, eating out multiple times a week, and drinking alcohol about twice a week. How can that be possible???

I eat three full meals a day and try to follow the meal template the best I can. Here’s a sample day of what I eat.

Breakfast: coffee with collagen peptides and vanilla nut pods, frittata made with sweet potato, bacon, green onion, and kale. 

Lunch: left over chicken with tomato sauce on top, a side of cauliflower, and an apple.

Dinner: red bell pepper stuffed with ground beef and seasoning, apple sauce, and green beans. 

I normally workout 4 days a week for about 45 minutes. I don’t normally eat before or after because it makes me feel nauseous. But could a pre/post workout snack be the only thing delaying my tiger blood? because i find that hard to believe! 

Any information would help! 

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I think it's very possible that the key is that you're undereating.  You don't have fat listed with lunch or dinner and I suspect that the way you've listed your veggies and fruit, you're not eating enough veggies... the recommendation is around 2-3 cups of veggies - are you getting that?

This combined with the fact that you don't do pre or post workout meals 4 days a week is very key to also my suspicion that you're not eating enough.



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