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Need simpler meal ideas


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So I am on day 28 and going to extend because I am still experiencing detox symptoms and have candida so I think I need longer. However I have small kids and a busy life and I really desperately need some simpler meal ideas. I have looked through the forums a bunch for every concern and heard people refer to one pan meal. Can someone share with me what this is, or offer to share your easier/fav meal ideas. I’m struggling with energy and motivation but I believe whole30 will help if I give it more time. The food prep needs to get dialed in here. I’m still a hot mess trying to figure this out. 

Also I just bought my first ever instant pot as a reward for getting this far. So I need to learn but would love to see any recommendations. 

Thanks in advance. 

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A one-pan meal is literally what it sounds like -- a meal that's all cooked in one pan (or everything "new" is in one pan, and you pair it with something else that was made previously). The "one pan" can be a skillet, a pot, a casserole pan, or even a sheet pan. You can probably grab a lot of ideas for yourself by Googling "Whole30 one pan meals", but I'll admit that some of the ones I've seen look a lot more involved (and thus far less simple) than what you're probably looking for... certainly more than I wanted to do most days.

This is one of my favorite ones -- https://unboundwellness.com/one-pan-meatloaf-dinner-paleo/
I love the mini meat loaves in this one. I usually make them the day I'm cooking, but they do work when made ahead and frozen, also. I'm a sucker for roasted sweet potatoes, so I don't bother going to the extra effort of mashing them. If you're avoiding sweet potatoes due to candida, it's pretty easy to sub in a different veggie on this.

Another one that's popular in my house is a sausage and veggie bake, but I don't have a recipe. The general idea is that (for 4 servings) I use 12-16 oz. sausage links (cut in 1-1.5" sections), 1-2 apples (1" cubes), half a sweet onion (hefty slices), and potatoes or sweet potatoes (chopped in 1-1.5" cubes) to fill out the rest of a square casserole pan. I toss all that with some olive oil, herbs, and spices, then bake at 375 degrees for about 40 minutes.

I'm a sucker for oriental food -- https://therealfoodrds.com/one-pan-teriyaki-chicken-veggie-bake/
This one's great served over cauliflower rice, which is done in a separate pan but only takes a few minutes to prepare.

And we love a good twist on a classic -- https://coconutsandkettlebells.com/zucchini-beef-taco-skillet/
This one's good tucked into lettuce cups, served on top of cabbage, or stuffed into a massive mushroom.

Here are a few others that look like they might not be too heavy on the prep time*:

* Disclaimer: I cook for a household of 5-6 adult mouths (depending on who's home and who decides to eat), so I'm generally making 8+ servings at every meal. My idea of "not too heavy on the prep" might not match yours, but I'm trying!

An electric pressure cooker is also a GREAT way to get several things into the same pot to cook at once. We've had good results with doing onions and meat in the bottom, then have a trivet higher up to balance potatoes or a steamer thing for broccoli. Mine will see much more use once we're into some slightly colder weather, because I've got an assortment of chili and soup/stew recipes I gathered together during my first Whole30 round that we're all looking forward to eating again... when it's not 100 degrees outside :D  The recipes shared below are not for the Instant Pot, but there's a wealth of them out there that you can find with a quick search :) 

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Thank you Jihanna! 

I am also cooking for a boatload if people including kids not eating whole30 and it’s exciting/ but also sometimes overwhelming getting it all done. This information is so helpful to me! Tonight I am trying a chicken teriyaki recipe I found and I plan on making extra sides not whole30 for the others. We will see how it goes. I am also going to do your meatloaf and the teriyaki bake this week. Your so wonderful by sharing because now I can check out all those websites for even more recipes. You got me excited for meal prep today! Thanks ❤️

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I will sometimes work in things that I know are "approved" by one or both of my girls (they're a very picky 9yo and a less picky but still not adventurous 14yo), but there's never a guarantee that they'll eat anything I cook even when I've gone out of my way to make sure there's something I think they'll enjoy... so I learned long ago not to cater to them if it'll be too much trouble. My rule is that I prep and cook one meal for each day that I'm on kitchen duty (usually 5 days each week). I cook enough so that everyone can have some and I'll have enough for leftovers (at least that's the idea, but sometimes people get extras, haha), so if they want to eat they're welcome to try some and if they don't want to eat then they can grab something else but still join us at the table during dinnertime.

There's a variety of options available for "something else", most of which they can prepare for themselves, none of which would be in any way considered even Whole30-adjacent... but I don't let myself sweat it, because they're both healthy and that matters far more to me than whether or not they're eating whole foods at every meal.

This approach also means I don't have to cook anything that I won't personally be able to eat. So if I'm on round, everyone knows that everything coming out of the kitchen will be compliant... and when I'm not on round, they know there's about a 99% chance it'll still be compliant (or very close to it) since I haven't really strayed too far where the home-cooked meals are concerned.

And it's my pleasure to share :) I love sharing things I've found and enjoyed on this program! Another site I really like, which didn't end up linked above, is NomNomPaleo... again, I love Asian flavors, and there are definitely some good ones there! She's got an entire series on Whole30 (https://nomnompaleo.com/post/42057515329/the-round-up-30-days-of-whole30-recipes), some of which are definitely part of the one-dish crowd.

Good luck finding your favorites!

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