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W30 v3.0 - Day 1 A big list of WHY!

Lorna from Canada

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You know how good you feel when you're eating a compliant diet? And how you can't actually imagine going back to how you used to eat? And how it seems so straightforward and easy and just right? I felt that way from January 3 through to June 30th and then the wheels came off. And here I am, 6 weeks later eating the old way and feeling so awful I can hardly keep my thoughts straight! So, before I go another 6 minutes, Hubs and I are back doing round 3.

What happened - my mom was diagnosed with a brain tumour in May - had a week of radiosurgery then fell and fractured her hip. She had a hip replacement surgery the next day and has been recovering from this double whammy ever since. I am her main go to person so, Hubs and I took our RV to a campground near her home and installed me there for 5 weeks. It was really awful. Hubs and I spend a fair bit of time living apart as I spend my Canadian winters in Australia (I have severe, debilitating Seasonal Affective Disorder) but this separation was the worst! It was just a sad, lonely, hard time to be away. In the middle of this, my main client offered me a huge role in their company which I accepted. So, even though that is positive stress, it's still big stress... 

Long story short - those old habits crept back in WAY faster than I would have thought possible.  Hubs and I took an unplanned but much, much needed break last week in France where the wheels on the W30 bus fell completely off (oh the cheese! the wine! the bread! the desserts!) and I sit here today feeling so physically unwell I hardly recognize myself. 

This is my catalogue of diet related complaints - I'm putting them here in a comprehensive form so I can reflect back when I need to in the future. Hoping that this list will have some influence over my deeply habituated brain!

  • weight regain (rapid!)
  • lousy sleep quality - waking up and not being able to get back to sleep
  • hot flashes return - thermodynamics in general are completely off
  • sore feet - tired, achey, inflammed
  • stomach distress - heart burn, stomach pain, lousy bowels
  • general malaise - lack of energy, muscle fatigue, joint stiffness
  • anxiety - I actually feel more anxious now than I did helping my mother for that first, terrible month when she was so sick and I was eating a compliant diet
  • always hungry! That's the worst - I eat a non-compliant meal and am hungry an hour later!
  • headaches
  • brain fog

Okay - I think that's about it. I just generally feel like crap and realise I probably felt this way for years and years before my W30.

So, I am home now. My mom is stable (hoping for a nice, long period of stability now but am prepared for the worst which is just realistic) and it's still summer here. We're heading into the best season of fresh, local produce ambundance so, I am looking forward to getting back on the W30 plan and feeling better soon.



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Welcome back, Lorna!! You've been missed. I'm glad to hear your mom is stable and that you and the hubs for a lovely break. I'm in Paris in about 8 weeks! (after Amsterdam and the UK) I can't imagine that holiday is going to be very compliant at all, lol. I'm just planning on staying on the straight and narrow until then, and getting back on it right after.

Your list of reasons sounds just like my list of reasons when I started kinda-round-3 2 weeks ago. I say kinda because it's a bit of a food freedom thing, I'm being as compliant as possible unless there is a conscious decision not to be. 

Isn't it funny how we realise that we used to just be USED to feeling like this?? And how accustomed we got to it... 

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Thank you for posting this.  Your list of complaints are my list & more.  It’s a lesion I have to learn several times hopefully the last.

But you nailed it.  If we don’t take care of ourselves we don’t have the stamina to help take care of the ones we love.  Imagine the 

toll the stress it would have taken on you pre whole 30.  I’m only on day two and am looking on this forum for inspiration.  Your my inspiration today thank you! 

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