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Nervous to start my Whole30 8/26/19


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Hi, my name is Sarah. I’m beginning my Whole30 on Monday and I have got jitters and insecurities and doubts popping up in my head!  Did this happen to anyone else?  I’m nervous that I’m going to gain weight and not realize it since I won’t be weighing or measuring. How do you get past this fear? 

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Hi Sarah! Welcome aboard!

I'm on day 12 and... well, you can see my own thread with my very own doubts about getting started - in another topic of this forum ;)
I'm gonna guess that most people have their own doubts, because they either are skeptical or they have had bad dieting experiences in the past.

I'm no expert but my feeling is that following the Whole30 plan it is way easier to undereat than overeat!
Because we are used to snack on treats, to put in our plate foods with a low nutritional profile that does not satiate us, etc. So when you remove all those "fillers" you have plenty of room in your meals for lots and lots of healthy nutritious food.
Most people lose weight simply because they start eating better food :)

And weighting or measuring, do you really need them?
I mean, your clothes would fit tighter if you gained weight, they would fit looser if you lost it. 
I'm sure you would realize it!

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I'm linking this because it's probably important to realize that your pants might actually feel tighter at some point (not necessarily following the exact timeline shown) because of changes in your gut... not bad changes that automatically equate to gaining weight, either. This is one part of why it's important to free yourself from weighing (and measuring) for the duration, because there will be changes, you may actually go up at some point, etc.

@Amura is right. It's WAY easier to under-eat on this program, especially if you're coming in with a mindset of tiny portions and reduced calorie diets. Let me tell you now, if you're always snacky, lightheaded, hangry, etc., please eat more. Follow the template and increase the portions if you need to. Eating more salad, green beans, sweet potatoes, squash, and even meat is NOT the same as eating more pasta, potato chips, or cookies.

Ignore the weighing scale (hide it if you have to, or have your husband hide it like another woman did recently!).
Eat more if you're always hungry.
Make "mini-meal" snacks (following the template on a small scale). This helps more than nuts and fruits in my own experience.
Give yourself this experience, fully and wholeheartedly.
Keep a journal of what you eat so you can see if specific foods cause bloating, might be behind acne, etc.
Use that same journal to see when you're experiencing Non-Scale Victories, because those are awesome!

Oh, and don't hesitate to jump on here and talk about stuff, ask questions, rant, etc. That's part of what community is for :) 

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  • Whole30 Certified Coach

Hi Sarah,

I totally understand your fear and it is pretty common to feel that way if you are used to weighing yourself a lot. My best advice to you is to try not to focus on the idea of weight loss/gain. Many people experience fluctuations during Whole30 and that is totally normal. It will take the 30 days for your body to really get adjusted to living without the things it is used to. By the same token it will take your brain a minute to adjust to not looking at the scale every day! If you can try to focus on how YOU feel every day and what you are noticing that is different. Spend some time journaling a list about the things you notice that are not weight related. Relax and enjoy your Whole30, you are going to crush it friend!!

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