oh no! Breath mint.

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Hi Everyone.  This is my 2nd time doing the W30.  My first time was two years ago.

I am on R1D10 and I, without thinking, popped two breath mints into my mouth.  They contain aspartame.  It is such a bummer.

Does this mean that I have to go back and reset from Day 1?   I planned on going 40-45 days so I am ok with that but it is really hard to swallow.  I wish those breath mints were hard too.


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If the only non-compliant ingredient was sweetener, then I'd probably just roll with it and record any noticed reactions... and then just keep it in mind when coming toward the end, to see if you feel like you need to extend it further. If the ingredients contained other non-compliant stuff and aspertame is the only thing that stood out when you looked, though, then that could be a bigger issue than sweetener.

That said, you're already planning to run it for 40-45 days, so it might be worth it to note the timing and then extend if it proves necessary but otherwise roll with your originally planned timeline. I'm not really a "start over" kind of person anyway, choosing to extend to get best benefit when there's been an issue.

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I would not overthink it.
If you had already planned to run it for 40 days and you are on day 10 now, you still have 30 days of 100% compliant foods ahead. So technically you would be making it according to the rules.
The difference between calling it day 11 or day 1 would be only about how you perceive your Whole30.

That said, hide those mints for a while.
It's better not having them around, so you don't take more of them by mistake.

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