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Start date Sept 13 (day 6) all my physical ailments coming up!!


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Hello Whole30 Nation!

I would love to be active here, as I don't have anyone IRL that I'm doing my challenge with.  I was actually on a first date who told me about how he loves the whole30, had heard about it before- and really was looking for something like this, so got the books and started a few days later!  

I am normally pretty healthy with diet and exercise, however it has gotten a bit out of hand in the past year or so.  I chose to take the challenge for three main reasons: 1. address and break the sugar addiction that was getting out of control  2. see if I can find a solution for some troubling chronic physical ailments such as acid reflux / GERD causing a horrible cough; and constipation  3. reset my healthy eating habits and get back to my ideal weight.

I know its still early- however I have completed a week of eating according to the plan and thought I would share one positive and one negative:

POSITIVE: I have been surprised that I'm not hungry or craving sugar, almost from the very beginning.  My sugar cravings were so strong before, and I seem to be completely satisfied by the meals that I don't even want to snack/eat dessert which SHOCKS me.

NEGATIVE: the GERD cough and constipation immediately flared up badly.  Also, I've been extremely low energy and don't feel like exercising at all, hard to get out of bed, etc.   I'm extremely bloated and feel heavier than when I started.  

Does anyone else have the experience of low energy at the beginning, have constipation/bloating, and/or trigger your chronic ailments you were hoping to get rid of?

And great to be here, I'm still excited about the program just wondering if anyone has any ideas why I'm experiencing this. Thanks!


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