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Bad cough


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Hi I'm new here and I just started Whole 30 this week. I have a nasty cold and dry hacking cough. I can’t take cough drops, syrup or anything and even with tea and endless amounts of water, the cough is hurting. Any whole 30 ideas to help me?

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Is the tea you're drinking an herbal one, catered to helping cough and/or sore throat? You could try brewing a simple ginger tea at home using compliant ingredients (ginger, cinnamon, lemon juice) and skip sweetener (you'd normally use honey)... bone broth is another good option for getting fluids and nutrients in... marshmallow root and thyme are two others that are commonly used for cough in herbal medicine (and without mentioning those better suited to wet coughs)... and, of course, there's always the trusty old salt-water gargle as well (just make sure not to swallow it!).

All of that said, though, it's NOT expected of you to feel completely miserable and ignore your body's suffering if you can't treat an illness naturally. Doctor's orders always trump Whole30 rules, so if you see a doc and they tell you to take something, I'd go ahead and take it... I love using natural alternatives (often homemade), but I'm well aware that medication is often my best choice.

Good luck!

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Hi, @Trina75!

While I am not a doctor or a medical professional, there are some ways to help alleviate your discomfort. I've used these myself, whether on round or not, and they do bring some relief:

*try a neti pot to relieve congestion and post-nasal drip that can exacerbate coughs & discomfort

*make a gargle using 8 oz warm water with 1/2 tsp sea salt dissolved in it OR brew an unsweetened raspberry leaf or hibiscus tea, add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and allow to cool to warm or room temperature...gargle a few times a day with either or both to help soothe throat irritation

*drink a little aloe vera juice to coat your throat and promote healing (be sure to read labels, of course:)); different brands vary on serving size, but the label on the bottle will help steer you as to how much--usually a couple of tablespoons will do.

*rub a little metholated salve under your nose (not in!) or on your chest to help soothe irritation and break up congestion. I usually use deep blue because I like the smell and feel of it better than a commercial vapor rub...any blend of menthol, eucalyptus, and camphor will do

*run a essential oil diffuser (if you have one) in your home and/or workspace. Healing oils such as eucalyptus, frankincense, thyme, cinnamon, oregano oil, or blends that promote clear breathing are helpful

*a humidifer itself will moisten air and make the breathing easier on an irritated throat or cough-bothered system

* you could make a "tent" to breathe in warm steam (with oils or not): get a hand towel and drape over your head, pour boiling water into a bowl (add any of the above oils to aid in soothing/healing), rest your elbows on the table around the bowl, lean your head over the bowl, and pull the towel over the rising steam to capture the moisture. Take long, deep breaths to pull the humid air in 

*warm compress: my grandmother used to get a warm-to-hot washcloth, put a little mentholatum in the cloth, and lay it over our throats or chest to bring relief

*I've used a throat spray from Gaia herbs...the remedy is an alcohol-based botanical extract, much like vanilla extract or lavender, which is allowed on the program. Check it out here: https://www.gaiaherbs.com/products/sage-aloe-throat-spray  It's really nice!

*and, as always, get plenty of sleep and try to keep stressors low (I know, easier said than done!)

Please, please take good care of yourself--and try to be kind to your heart and mind if you feel that you need to go off-plan when you are ill. A Whole30 is one way to care for oneself, of course, and meeting your needs when you are sick is another essential way. If those two things coincide, wonderful. If they do not, still wonderful, and there will be another day to start up again if you feel that that is what you need and want to do.

Best of everything,



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