Working an Odd Schedule and Whole 30

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I work a rotating shift schedule. It requires me to work 7 days in a row often 12 hours a day. I have often used food as a tool to stay awake, fall asleep, and particularly use sugar to deal with job/schedule stress.
I just started my Whole30 yesterday and am wondering if there are other shift workers out there and if they have any tips to help me. 
Thanks so much!


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Welcome!  If you google 'whole30 shift work' you'll get a multi-part article on the Whole30 site as well as other forum threads with the same subject.  There are lots of shift/night workers who have done the program and I'm sure you'll find lots of tips on those previous threads.  You can also go have a look at nom nom paleo who is a friend of Whole30 (www.nomnompaleo.com) as she used to be a night shift pharmacist for a hospital and she talks a lot about how she navigated food and the night shift.

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