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My Whole 30 Log (day one = May 14)


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Hello & Good morning day 3!

I feel ok on wake up, but am playing the mental game of “how many calories am i eating” which isn’t the way of Whole 30. I’ve been here before, this is my 4th round over the last 18 months, but am so surprised that no matter how much i think i know about what to expect, it’s never what I actually feel. The calorie obsession is directly connected to the weight gain I’ve experienced during the quarantine & the depression I feel - i know it’s not healthy to connect these emotions to weight gain and self confidence but here I am, and I’m 100% certain this reset is what I need. 

I know it, because I’ve been here before.

Today’s goals:

- be nice to myself, forgive myself, engage in self care

- learn how to attend a weekly zoom happy hour with friends today without alcohol and cheese (challenge of the day! But i know I can do it and my friends are supportive)

- I would also like to achieve one productive task related to home improvements I’ve been working on during quarantine / shelter in place / safer at home. I want to hang one shelf today. 

- I would like to spend time reading today, let’s see if i can fulfill my desire!

- not snacking at night is hard. Tonight if I want to snack I would like to instead sit down to collage (I have all the tools and enjoy it) 


If anyone is reading this, I’m seeking something buddies for the journey. Feel free to reach out. 


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I get it, it certainly takes some time to get away from the “calorie obsession,” especially since counting calories is so mainstream.

I like your goals for today, and hope that you can relax into your self care. 

For your happy hour Zoom, have you thought about making a pitcher of tea/iced tea or herbal tea for you zoom party?   Throw in some sliced lemons or other fruit?  The prettier the jug the better. Or, the kind of pitcher that hotels put up with iced water and cucumber slices?  Who doesn’t want some of that when they see it?  Not to make your friends jelly or anything... ;-)


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Hey there today is my day 1 round 2.2  

I will be your buddy along for this ride.  

I had to catch myself of relying on convenience rather than a little fore thought today.  I’m glad to be back on a round and getting off this slide I’ve been on the past few weeks.  

As far as the zoom hang out goes if it were me I would ask myself before going into it... what is it that I want.  If I want alcohol and cheese then I will have it, but do I really want it? Does it line up with what I’m working towards?  Are my current goals worth this momentary sacrifice?  Framing the hard choices in light of my current goals helps me bring things into perspective and makes those choices easy and genuine.  

I love your goals by the way.

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