I don't want to loose weight!

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Hiya, I've been doing the Whole30 with my family for about 3 weeks now, although we had to restart a week in because of some butter in the soup my gran gave us. We've also just realised that we've been eating a small amount of sugar and sulfur dioxide in the dried cranberries we've been using occasionally for snacking. I know we should restart, but I'm struggling with hunger which I've felt since starting. I've been eating huge amounts, and as someone who started off pretty thin, I really can't afford to loose weight.

I feel like there has to be an upper limit to the amount of protein I should eat? I have a full balanced meal for breakfast lunch and dinner, with a portion of fruit after every meal, and eat a few potatoes, a few extra boiled eggs and a handful of nuts around 3-4 times a day, plus sometimes an avocado/banana shake between my mini meals in an attempt to stay full.

I feel like all I need is a big bowl of pasta, and after that accidental slip up too I don't know what to do! I also still feel tired throughout the day. Should I continue?

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If you're hungry, you definitely should eat. The meal template is a minimum, it is okay to eat more.  So your meals may be two palm-sized portions of protein, two servings of fat (in addition to oil you cook in), 3 cups of vegetables (possibly with starchy vegetables at each meal). They could even be more than that. Fat is an easy way to increase the caloric density of meals, so adding sauces or dips at meals, and adding avocado and olives as well, and choosing fattier protein options could help. You may have to try some different combinations in to see what helps you feel full at meals and then stay satisfied as long as possible. This article has some tips (it's older and mentions potatoes being off limits, that's no longer the case): https://whole30.com/keeping-weight-whole30/.




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