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Guess who's back? Back again, Schrodey's Back...


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Super hungry after walking so I had a bowl of my potato and bacon sup - delicious! Not W30 because I threw some cheddar in there, but otherwise it was because I made it with the offcuts of my own home-smoked bacon. I actually wish I'd not put cheese in there, so I could choose meal-to-meal if I wanted it, but it's fine. 

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Mid morning I had a coffee with normal milk, I need to get some nut milk, because I actually prefer it.

Lunch was tuna, mayo, egg, pickle and mustard salad in lettuce cups. Didn't have W30 mayo so I used what I had which wasn't compliant but otherwise lunch was. I'll make some mayo tonight, as I actually prefer it. 

Dinner will be a beef tenderloin, rubbed with BBQ seasoning (my own blend, and compliant), cooked on the Weber with BBQ mushrooms, cabbage, and asparagus. 

I actually went upstairs at lunch and had a 30 minute hot bath with bi-carb, it's done wonders for my sore legs. The blisters are my biggest issue now! Still need to knock out 3 miles this afternoon, yikes.

So my current plan is to eat close to W30 but not entirely, much like the last 2 days, and see what that does to my vertigo. If, in the time I usually would have gotten rid of it, I haven't, I might do another round. I'm also keeping my food options open because restrictions FINALLY lift here next week and bars and cafes and restaurants can reopen and we can see people again, so there will be social events that I refuse to miss out or compromise on. I haven't seen my nearest and dearest (aside from hubster, of course) since July (even then that was only 3 friends) and before that, March. There's a time to stay compliant for social occasions, and this isn't it!!

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I'm so glad to be back and see that you are here!  i can count on coming to your posts for delicious meal ideas.

The migraines, vertigo...for me the joint pain...we know what we need to do!  

A mid-day bath sounds like such a luxury, I love it!  Soaking sore muscles...wrap your blisters up well and your next walk will hopefully be ok.  I'm impressed by the number of miles you are covering in such a short period of time. 

Also, happy belated birthday! 

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