Revving up for an October Whole30 - with chronic illness & Covid sliding

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Howdy, I'm T. I've got a big ol' mess of chronic illness problems, and Whole30 has helped me get way, way better over the last 3+ years. I spend a great deal of time outdoors, wandering, hiking, camping, writing poetry, and giving Tarot readings. My day job is freelance journalist and mom.

I was doing so much better, I figured I'd add rice back in. And maybe rice noodles. Soy here and there. You get the picture... by the time Covid struck, I was totally ready to bake all day and pig out.

Which brought back some of my allergy, inflammation, and chronic pain issues (along with environmental problems that aggravated things—forest fire smoke, pollen, and mold). May I describe how disgusting I felt after eating a pizza the other day??? Oh man! My guts may as well have jumped out of my body and done a little dance, singing about how much they dislike gluten, yeast, and dairy. AUUGGGHGH.

So yeah. My friend S and I are planning a Whole30. I would like to do one with an online group, but I haven't figured out where that's located here. I'm not interested in paying for a coach, and it's too late to join September's (plus, S is traveling and can't start just now).

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Hi, T. You might check out the Join the Whole30 section of the forum ( to find groups of people starting now or near whatever date you decide to start, or you can start a thread there to find more people. If you do start a thread, putting the date you plan to start in the title makes it easier for people to find.

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