BiO2 Protein or Protein Crisp?

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No, anything with peanuts is not allowed. 

Which book are these mentioned in (these are all the Whole30 books that are available: The varieties of this brand I looked at had other non-Whole30 ingredients as well, so I'm wondering if they changed, or if you unfortunately got a hold of a copycat book trying to cash in on Whole30's popularity, which unfortunately has happened before.

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4 hours ago, Patricia Daibes said:

No, this is the original version in Portuguese. Look: 


I'm not sure what happened here then. Maybe they have some varieties that are Whole30, or maybe their recipes have changed and used to be Whole30, but peanuts are definitely not Whole30, and the ones I saw also had rice and corn, which are not allowed either. Definitely always read ingredients for everything, no matter where you've seen a particular brand recommended. 

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Hello there! 

I looked at the book's English version and it really only indicates the bars of the RxBars brand. I believe that in the Brazilian edition they have added these other brands as they are easier to find in the national market, as they do not sell RxBars here. However, these national brands contain peanuts in some bars from what I saw when trying to buy - so an ingredient not allowed in the program.

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