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Claudia Carvalho

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I´m getting ready to start the Whole30, but I didn't understand how much black coffee i can have?

Can I only drink it black? Because on it starts with food it says limit intake, but is that a rule or recommendation?

And i usually 1 cup in the morning and one at 5pm. Can I still drink it in the afternoon?

Or is it just a recommendation?

Help me please!!!! 

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You can drink as much coffee as you'd like, although it is recommended not to have caffeine later in the day because it can affect your sleep.

If you don't like your coffee black, you can use something like coconut milk or almond or other nut milks or creamers made from similar ingredients as long as all the ingredients are compatible with Whole30 rules, so no sweeteners, no carrageenan, no soy, etc.

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