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Red lentils and Whole Foods Vitamin C... oh nooooo!


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I think I blew it yesterday. I drank some water with Whole Foods vitamin C in it before I checked the label, and later—I added red lentils to a vegetable soup... and decided to eat it anyway. I noticed that I had a major headache after the soup, but I’m not sure if it was related. I’m 15 days in and have 13 days to go. Do I have to start over? :(

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8 hours ago, Natashia said:

Whole Foods vitamin C

I assume there's more to this statement that is missing because Vitamin C is allowed... 

As far as the lentils, if you noticed a reaction, then you can safely assume that it's possible you have a problem with lentils - it's your decision if you restart or not... have a read through this article and see what you think.


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I feel for you here - it feels like 15 days of trouble and nothing to show for it. Been there - 11 days into a W30 I discovered that the extra delicious baba ganoush I had been enjoying all week had dairy in it (this is a sacrilege - BG does not contain dairy. I now exclusively make my own BG but I digress) ... I restarted and am glad I did - here's why

  • I knew that the challenges of the first 11 days wouldn't be there - no KATT or EATT because I had already cleared the sugar and FWNB from my system
  • I hadn't been feeling great and, from a previous W30, I knew that dairy was a challenge for me. So, getting clean of dairy for 30 days was important to me because I was doing another W30 to reset and continue my personal food discovery journey. My motivation to do a W30 didn't disappear at day 11.
  • In the end, I realized it would just be an extra 11 days - no biggie in the grand scheme of things! 11 days were going to pass whether I was on W30 or not.

I am really glad I restarted. In the reintro phase I tested dairy and it was not good for me. Confirming that was important to me.

Currently I am on Day 49 of my 4th W30 (which will be a W58) - everytime I do one, I learn more about myself and my relationship to food. I hope you decide to recommit and make some of those same discoveries for yourself!

Good luck!

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