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Day 21 First Timer - Suddenly Losing All The Positives


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Hi All!

This is my first Whole30 and I am on Day 21.  For the first stretch I was feeling great, lots of energy, few cravings, lots of NSV's, and feeing pretty confident that I was losing weight (I know not the point per say, but also important to me).   Now suddenly I just feel so meh .... down on how I look, convinced it's not working for weight loss, increased energy is gone, cravings are up, etc

In general, I eat unsweetened almond yogurt with fruit, plus coffee/nutpod for breakfast (I'm a teacher and start my day VERY early, that's about all i can stomach/manage), 3 eggs with ghee plus some potatoes for lunch, and then dinner with a variety of proteins and veggies, usually cooked with avocado oil.  I have been grabbing a lara bar or some dried fruit most days, so I'm cutting those out to see if it helps.  There is also life (lots going on, not much sleep) so I'm sure that's impacting it too ... I just never expected to be having early day problems this late in the game. I was seeing so many positive changes and I want to get back to that!

Thanks for any help!


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I would work on that first meal, trying to get in protein and veggies instead of just fat and fruit. You could make something like this ahead of time and either reheat or eat it cold: https://realsimplegood.com/wprm_print/6261. Or soup can be a good option for breakfast. 

Then, if you do need to eat between meals, try having leftovers, or a hard boiled egg with mayo or ranch dressing and maybe some carrots or celery. Something with some protein, some fat, and maybe some vegetables. 

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