Starting my 2nd Whole 30 on September 3rd 2021

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Hi Whole 30-verse,

This is my first time using this forum, and my second time launching into the Whole 30. The first time I took this journey was 3 years ago to get ready for my wedding. I lost 20 pounds, looked great, felt great and had an amazing wedding day. I did botch the reintroduction period though while on my honeymoon. Ready for round 2!!

I am definitely one of those who can say the Whole 30 changed my life. It was a game changer, and I learned how much of my suffering and chronic illness is caused by inflammation. I also learned I have an allergy of some degree to soy. (Soy is in Everything! so no wonder I suffered from fatigue and depression).

I bought the “Whole 30 Day by Day” and intend to follow it to a T. This book is riddled with “Action Items” and while it makes me feel awkward and outside of my comfort zone, I’m committing here to follow each one. 

I’ve chosen a start date and gone public with friends and family. Now I’m here- on this forum- to build my support team. 

Are there any other women out there who want to start on 9/3/21? I’m based in Washington DC, USA, though with COVID, location doesn’t make much of a difference. That said, I would love to connect with folks IRL too. 

In Solidarity, 





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Hey Liz!

I'm on the other side of the world, in Melbourne, Australia, but I'm kicking off round 8 today and I am also one who can say it changed my life - Whole30 is the other thing that gets my chronic migraines and vertigo under control. And more fool me, I'm not disciplined enough to stay on it, and so I'm back, feeling like hell again for another round!

Haven't got the Day by Day book, but this rounds I'm determined to finish reading Food Freedom Forever. 

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I am new to this and I have committed to start today 8/30/21 but I would love to connect and cheer you on. We could keep each other accountable. I’m not far from DC. This will be my first time doing whole 30. I bought the book and have read through and I’m ready. God bless and let me know how you’d like to connect. 

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