Day 1, am I okay?


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So today was supposed to be day one, but has turned into a half day since I ate pringles this morning. I went grocery shopping and bought all compliant stuff. I am not sure if I am doing everything right, but I am making dinner and here's what I have going on.

Pork Steak (seasoned with salt, creole seasoning, and garlic powder)

Sweet potatoes (mashed with a little ghee)

Asparagus (sauteed with EVOO, shallots, and garlic)

Does this sound good for a meal, or will I be starting tomorrow morning?

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Sounds like a great meal but if you had pringles this morning, why not eat your great meal and call tomorrow day one instead of calling this a half day? Be careful about pork because Hormel (for example) injects some of their pork with crap. It has to be their Fresh Pork label to be clean. Scoundrals. :)

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