Pita Jungle?


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It's easier if you link us to the restaurant's website, so that there's no question as to what exactly you're talking about...

It looks like you'll have to do some question asking, because they don't have full ingredients of spices used, etc...but the woodfired salmon salad looks good, without the dressing, the Caribbean salad also looks delicious, but a) it needs protein and B) i'm sure the strawberry vinaigrette has sugar in it.

The grilled mahi mahi "burger" without the bun, with a side of grilled veggies (unseasoned) would also be great.

There are plenty of options here, you'll just have to do some tweaking.

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I went there this past Saturday and got the broiled chicken salad, no dressing, with sirloin instead of chicken! I called the chef ahead of time and found out they use 50/50 olive oil and extra virgin olive oil for their marinades, but they DO use soybean oil in their dressing. So I got no dressing and brought my own guacamole from home. Delicious!

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54 minutes ago, BreeF said:

I’m going to pita jungle for dinner and I’m wondering if the cauliflower and new potatoes are compliant. http://www.pitajungle.com/nutrition/allergen-chart/

We can't know based on the information provided. This chart is a good place to start -- you can rule out things that are obviously not compliant -- but you still need to ask to be sure they don't cook things in some kind of oil that isn't compliant, or add sweeteners (which seems unlikely with these two vegetables, but is possible -- you'd be surprised how many spice blends and marinades have added sweeteners). 

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