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A bit confused

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I'm reading posts on here and am definitely confusing myself.

Pre & post exercise snack? I thought snacking was a no no. What kind of snack? A full on mini-meal or like a banana?

Don't exercise too much,rest a little? My goal is to lose weight and tone up to lose those last 10lb but how can i do that if i don't do regular exercise?

How on earth do I stay motivated when 16 days in, I still am no where near fitting into my jeans?!!!!!! :(

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Context is EVERYTHING, little_muffin.

The OPs that received the "don't exercise that much!" advice were doing WAY MORE than just regular exercise. It was bordering on overtraining. That's not necessarily your context too.

Have you read the book/checked the resources on the website? It explains the pre/post workout mini-meals.

They're presented as a "bonus meal" that you get for working out. So it's not JUST a banana, but maybe a banana and a couple of steak tips.

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