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Day 11 - Still having heartburn

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So, I posted a question on Day 3 and got not replies, so I'm trying again.

I'm now on Day 11 of my Whole30 and I'm still having trouble with heartburn and excessive burping. I read some other threads in the forum, and I took some of the advice and started using a probiotic and digestive enzymes. Is there anything else I can be doing to help alleviate the heartburn? Or just kind of ride it out until it passes? Will it pass? We are having some good results in other areas, and I really want this to get better, too.

Below is what I had for food yesterday and today, just so you guys get a snapshot of what I typically eat.

Yesterday and Today's Breakfast:

2 eggs scrambled in clarified butter with a couple spoonfuls of chopped black olives, a quarter of an avocado and half a grapefruit.

Yesterday's Lunch:

Chocolate Chili (from Well Fed), a cup of green beans, a quarter of an avocado, and half a cup of berries.

Yesterday's Dinner and Today's Lunch:

Homemade Beef Stir Fry (from Practical Paleo) that had onions, bell peppers, scallions, garlic, coconut amino, and green beans in it. (I added a small salad with spinach, tomatoes, kalamata olives and olive oil/red wine vinegar to today's lunch along with a few fresh berries.)

Dinner tonight:

Chicken cooked in a crock pot, creamy asparagus cauliflower soup, fresh steamed broccoli and cauliflower, and kale chips.

Does anyone have any ideas on the heartburn, and why it comes with lots and lots of burping?

Thanks for the help!

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Thanks Renee! I'm sure that things have been busy with the January Whole30. I was late to that party, but I'm here!

I will definitely check out Chris Kresser's page and see what info I can find. Right now, I am taking one probiotic every morning with breakfast, and one enzyme tablet right before each meal (both are the recommended doses from the packaging). Should I try increasing?

Thanks again!

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I would. Robb Wolf's (and Chris Kresser's) recommendation for enzyme dosage is to keep adding one more/meal until you get a warm feeling in your stomach. Then back off one.

So, if I were having a chronic heartburn issue, I'd take one with breakfast. no warm fuzzies? I'd take two with lunch. still no warm sensation? 3 with dinner. got fuzzies? great. found my happy place and I'd take 2 in the am with breakfast.

Heartburn/GERD issues, especially if they've been treated OTC with antacids and protein pump inhibitors like prilosec, etc...are almost always initially caused by too LITTLE acid in the stomach as opposed to too MUCH. Chris has had great success with his GERD patients by increasing the acidity with enzymes and HCl (the enzymes have HCl in it, btw).

Anyway, so if you've been taking ppis for a while, it's completely possible that you could get up to 10 pills/meal with nothing...but this is extreme...and I'd imagine you'd have other symptoms of poor digestion besides just the heartburn. As a disclaimer, note that Robb and Chris have both found that the caplets are more effective than the tablets, but ymmv!

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Wow! Thanks for all the great info on the digestive enzymes. I'll try that today. I had one with breakfast, and I'll try two at lunch. If nothing, then I'll keep adding until I get that warm feeling.

I briefly tried OTC products for my heartburn, but did some research and found that those products can really do more harm than good. I have been use aloe vera juice and apple cider vinegar as natural ways to treat the heartburn.

I found the enzymes that are recommend by the Hartwigs, Now Foods Super Enzymes, but it only came in the tablet form. Next time I go to the store, I'll check and see if it comes in the caplets. If not, I'll do some research and see if I can find another brand that works well but comes in caplet form. Do you have any recommendations that I could check into?

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Many of the foods you're eating are known heartburn triggers. Onions, garlic, citrus fruit (grapefruit), avocado, beef and tomatoes cause heartburn for many people...you could try reducing those and see if it helps you. Good luck!

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