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pandaclouds' whole30 log


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hello there everyone. i just finished reading "it starts with food" and started my whole30 today. already my psychological addiction to sweets was taunting me in the grocery store today but i just had to keep telling myself as i stared at the dried rasberries (i have a terrible addiction to dried fruit when i'm trying to eat healthy), "i CAN have it but i do NOT want it." i especially liked the way ISWF explained why even when you cheat a little here and there it really messes up everything, so i keep reminding myself of that.


-lose weight, i gained about 6 lbs since thanksgiving and despite eating "healthy" and working out i have been unable to shed a pound

-kick the sugar/processed foods cravings for good!!! i am so sick of being a slave to sugar and processed foods. (even as i type my mouth is watering thinking about the wheat thins i binged on while i was babysitting last night, it's terrible!!)

-i'd like a healthy relationship with food, one where i don't have to obsess over every little thing that i put into my mouth. my goal is that by the end of 30 days eating the foods i'm supposed to eat will come more naturally.

current weight: 134.4 lbs (fyi i am a 25 year old female, 5'3" tall)

anyway, here is what i had for breakfast and lunch today:


grilled chicken with kimchi and a bed of mixed green lettuce


ground beef seasoned with salt and pepper, onions, garlic, rosemary, oregano; baby spinach, parsley, basil, tomato, and olives

also while at the farmers market i had a sliver of an apple and a slice of duck meat (both free samples, damn those samples just taunting you!!!!)

it's almost 3pm and i am feeling sleepy/craving something sweet. must. resist. wondering if my sleepiness has anything to do with the beef i just ate. i can't remember the last time i had beef so i'm sure my body will have to do some adjusting.

wish me luck!!!

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I love seeing the pictures of your meals. Your portions and choices look very good.

When you crave something sweet, eat some protein and fat - tuna packed in olive oil, sardines, beef, etc. Protein and fat undermines the cravings more effectively than anything else. Eating fruit or other sweet foods tends to keep cravings alive and strong.

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last nights dinner: roasted veggie medley including sweet plantains with some grilled chicken and cashews! i know, it's a very random combonation but the first part was eaten at a restaurant (i had to be that girl that asked what kind of oil it was cooked in) and then i ate the rest right after to make a whole and balanced meal!


wow already i feel more IN CONTROL. out to lunch today with the boyfriend who ordered a cheese and toast appetizer followed by a cheese pizza, and my cravings were minimal to none! i just kept reminding myself of what ISWF said about the effects of bread and cheese on the body.

today's breakfast:


scrambled eggs with a little ground beef, spinach, basil, mushrooms, tomato, topped with erica's pepper sauce! delicious...BUT i did find myself craving something SWEET after. usually my go-to would be an apple, but i find that i have been using fruit to feed my sugar dragon so i'm trying to avoid it as much as possible!

lunch at an italian restaurant:



appetizer of marinated veggies and cured meats, followed by a grilled shrimp salad with a lemon vinaigrette. soooo good! i am going to try to make that salad at home next week.

tonight's dinner will be:

taco salad--ground beef, lettuce, tomato, avocado, cilantro, green mountain salsa. i can't wait!

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grilled chicken salad with avocado, tomato, and balsamic vinaigrette



leftovers from yesterdays dinner--ground beef, spinach, salad mix, avocado, tomato, salsa, and hot sauce; also, i ate a banana after

i have some questions/concerns though:

around noon today (4 hrs after breakfast) i felt SO weak. the weird part was my stomach wasn't growling but i knew i needed to eat asap because of how weak i felt. now, normally, i would have an apple or pear around noon to hold me over until lunch is cooked and ready. but i am trying not to snack/eat so much fruit. any ideas why this was happening, especially after such a protein and fat filled breakfast? i can't imagine having to eat more protein at breakfast, it's weird enough eating grilled chicken salad at 8am. thoughts/suggestions?

also after lunch, usually around 3 in the afternoon i am still feeling low energy, like i need an apple/pear to pick me up/hold me over until dinner. thoughts? suggestions?

i know i'm only on day 3 but i need some reassurance!!

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wow i can't believe tomorrow is already day 5.

breakfast: scrambled eggs with beef and random veggies

lunch: leftover chicken curry (pic is from last night's dinner, SO good)


dinner: looks gross but it was actually quite good (already had a few bites before i remembered to snap a pic, oops!), same mexican meat/veggie scramble i've been doing, but the spinach i used today was frozen and chopped (and organic!) and when it cooked the consistency reminded me of CHEESE (and not in a bad/unhealthy way) so good.


when i got home from work though, i was soooo hungry that i had a small handful of cashews and some leftover kimchi to hold me over while i cooked. also after dinner i had a banana, not because i'm craving dessert, but because they are going bad and i hate wasting food!

also, i snacked a little today (i know, we are not supposed to snack) but i had 2 apple slices and 2 orange slices (i work as a preschool teacher and the snack was just SITTING there). HELP!!!!!!

still finding myself crashing around 3...hopefully a good nights rest will help tonight!!! psyched to be on day 5 tomorrow!

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so happy i made it to day 5!!!!

breakfast: THIS recipe--http://inspiredtoeatcleanandtrainmean.wordpress.com/2012/09/12/banana-scrambled-eggs-paleo-whole30-friendly/

AND I made sure to have some spinach on the side so i wasn't replacing my veggies with fruit =)

lunch: more leftover chicken curry

dinner: was SO good


wild shrimp with snow peas, broccoli, carrots, and bell pepper...all cooked in a little coconut oil and coconut aminos, with some chopped fresh ginger...topped with cashews. seriously the best meal i've made yet.

thoughts on today? i still had a few slices of apples/oranges (i don't know why i find it so hard to resist) BUT i did pass on birthday cupcakes!! so that was a nice pat on my back. getting through the day post-lunch better, today i was a lot less hungry than yesterday.

eating paleo is getting SO expensive. i miss the days where i could buy a bag of brown rice and a can of beans and it would last me for weeks. =/

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feeling good, feeling good!

a few thoughts: i STILL snacked today on the fruit. what is wrong with me?! also, i've been feeling like i'm replacing my sweets lately with bananas and starchy veggies (butternut squash) and coconut milk. luckily, there will be no snack fruit to stare at me all weekend. it felt GOOD to work out today. i have not had time/made time to go to my workout class since over 2 weeks ago and today was awesome.

my goal for the weekend: STAY BUSY. if i'm busy i don't think about food. also, i'm going to try to wake up for kickboxing class on saturday morning.

today's meals:

pre-workout breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled in olive oil

post-workout breakfast: 2 eggs w/ banana and coconut milk scrambled in coconut oil; broccoli w/ basil

lunch: canned tuna and butternut squash mashed with coconut milk (hardly ate any of it though, not enough time)

dinner: went to a FABULOUS restaurant called Friend of a Farmer in gramercy, i had roasted beets and salmon

dinner part 2: i got home and realized that i did not have enough veggies at dinner so i had the remaining squash mash

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oh man, got through day 7 so well that i forgot to write about it! =)

breakfast: ground beef with broccoli and kimchi

lunch: ground beef with veggie stir fry (snap peas, carrots, bell pepper) in ginger and coconut aminos

still SNACKED on an apple!!! ARGH!

dinner: dinner was amazing, went to a lovely new american restaurant called No. 7 in fort greene, and the waitress was SO accommodating. she put in a request to the chef to change the veggies to broccoli and spinach that went along with my steak entree. DELISH. also, i had shrimp cocktail (sauce was compliant believe it or not!) and a salad as appetizers.


woke up HUUUUNGRY!

breakfast: leftover STEAK and veggies, yum yum, followed by a banana that had to get eaten before it went completely rotten.

lunch and dinner plans for today? not entirely sure, but i got sweet dumpling squash, spaghetti squash, and apples from the farmers market yesterday, so i plan to use them somehow!

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had a snack-meal yesterday for lunch: a scrambled egg, canned tuna, an apple

dinner: pork chop, swiss chard, cauliflower, sooo good!

later: a pickle.


can i just say, i eat a handful of cashews a day. is that okay? it's always with a meal/as i'm preparing a meal. i just get hungry and well, they're there! i hope a handful a day isn't overdoing it!

breakfast: epic. 3 eggs, leftover swiss chard, diced tomato, big scoop of avocado, and 1/2 of a sweet dumpling squash.

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lets see, yesterday was DAY 10:

breakfast: eggs, kimchi, guacamole, 1/2 sweet dumpling squash


lunch: guacamole, roasted beets, leftover lamb kabob from dinner

dinner: DELISH, i made roasted chicken in a bbq rub over a bed of cauliflower "rice" and a side of roasted asparagus.


DAY 11:

breakfast: 2 eggs, side of asapragus

lunch: last night's dinner

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wow i've been busy!

DAY 11 dinner: salad from Hale and Hearty with grilled chicken, avocado, olives, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots, topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

DAY 12

breakfast: eggs and asparagus

lunch: chicken, asparagus, cauliflower "rice", raw carrots, beets

snack: (i just can't break the habit!!!) apple and orange slices

dinner: chipotle! carnitas salad with guacamole and green salsa (SOOOO good!)

DAY 13

preworkout meal: 1 egg and kimchi

post-workout meal: 2 eggs, cashews, kimchi, bok choy

lunch and dinner: shrimp with bok choy, carrots, bell pepper, onion, ginger in coconut aminos

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woohoo i'm MORE THAN 1/2 WAY there!!!!!

now let's see if i can remember what i ate the past two days...

DAY 14

breakfast: hmm....most likely eggs

lunch: turkey with spaghetti squash and collard greens

dinner: went to a german restaurant, i had some sort of slow cooked beef (i forget the proper name for the dish) with sauerkraut and red cabbage

ALSO i worked out for an hour tonight! 1 hr at the gym, 30 min cardio and 30 min using weights and ab work

DAY 15



2 eggs scrambled with onions in coconut oil, breakfast sausage, sweet potato hash browns cooked in olive oil



leftover spaghetti squash with leftover organic beef hot dog links cooked in a little veggie broth and coconut oil



POTLUCK!!! i didn't think i'd be able to get through it with all the delicious foods surrounding me but i made it. Although i did quite a bit of noshing, i kept it paleo. I made paleo pigs in a blanket dipped in dijon mustard, my friend made paleo sausage stuffed mushrooms, and then i snacked on quite a bit of green beans, dried figs, cured meats, apple slices, pico de gallo, and assorted roasted vegetables

worked out in the morning, same routine as yesterday!

DAY 16

morning work out, just 30 min on the elliptical

breakfast: 3 organic egg omelet with portabello mushrooms and spinach, side of chorizo, green tea

lunch: http://paleomg.com/cauliflower-rice-stuffed-acorn-squash/

SO GOOD, and enough for breakfast and lunch for the next three days!

SUPERBOWL dinner: i'm making buffalo chicken wings with a paleo ranch dip!!!

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DAY 17:

breakfast: leftover cauliflower and beef stuffing, broccoli, olives


lunch: acorn squash stuffed w/ cauliflower and beef, banana

snack: apples and oranges

dinner: whole foods premade meal of roasted chicken breast, collard greens, and root vegetables

snack: dried apricots and nuts

one day i will not snack, i promise!!

DAY 18

breakfast: leftover beef and cauliflower stuffing, side of broccoli and olives...everything drizzled with paleo ranch

lunch: acorn squash w/ bee and cauliflower stuffing

wow i can't believe i'm over 1/2 way done. only a few more days and the 10 day countdown begins. i must say, it has been easier to stick to the whole30 than i thought, and i feel great. i don't crave carbs like breads and cookies like i used to, and thats definitely something that i hope to continue with once the 30 days are over. in a way i'm nervous for the 30 days to end because i'm fearful of falling back into my old ways. i've started to mentally plan out what my life will be like once it's over. i must say the one thing i miss the most while doing the challenge is being able to drink at social gatherings on the weekends. my boyfriend tries to be sober and supportive but he always ends up drinking a beer, or two, or three...i definitely will be adding alcohol back into my life, but i have not quite figured out what form is the best. definitely staying away from beer, but i love wine and hard cider, not sure what the paleo gods think about those. also its been hard not eating traditional breakfast items...i made these delicious paleo (but not whole 30 because of honey) muffins before i started the challenge and they have been sitting in my freezer and i cant wait to eat them again. also i miss yogurt for breakfast. i never had a problem with yogurt and it's got all that good for you stuff in it. other than those few things, i plan to eat mostly the same. i've grown a new love for cooking and meal planning. its nice to know what is going into your body and being more conscious of food labels and ingredients. i plan to stay sugar free (except for those muffins in my freezer!), i don't even want to use honey as a substitute...sugar is sugar right?

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lets see, what else did i eat yesterday?

DAY 18

dinner: leftover whole foods meal of chicken breast, collard greens, and roasted root vegetables

DAY 19

breakfast: leftover buffalo wings from the superbowl and broccoli topped with paleo ranch, a banana

lunch: acorn squash with beef and cauliflower stuffing

dinner: homemade tuna salad (using canned tuna and paleo ranch), green beans, and an amazingly simple yet delicious kale and avocado salad from whole foods

SIDE NOTE: i'm REALLY into seltzer these days. i've been trying to avoid the flavored ones, but i really like the lemon-lime...on the label it just says "carbonated water, natural flavors" but can't those natural flavors be just about anything??


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DAY 20!!!!!!

pre-workout: one fried egg

post: 2 eggs, 1 pork sausage link, green beans, kimchi, handful of cashews, and a banana. BAM.


lunch: tuna salad, green beans, 1 sausage link

dinner: banana (more like predinner snack), pork chops slowcooked with apples and onions, sweet potatoes mashed w/ coconut milk and ginger, green beans


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DAY 21

breakfast: 2 eggs w/ onions, sides of broccoli and kimchi


snack: almonds, dried fruit (i know, bad!!!)

lunch: salmon w/ leftover paleo ranch that was supposed to be like a salad but came out like a dip and the texture was just awful =(, broccoli, raw baby carrots, small asian pear, handful of cashews (i know, double bad eating nuts twice in one day!)

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Hi! Just discovered your log and that you're 2 days ahead of me, it's nice to see someone who'd close to the same timeframe! I like that you post all your meals too, I don't post them all, just the ones that turn out particularly good! :) good job and congrats on cracking the 10-day countdown! Looking forward to a social drink myself, just like you said!

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Hi Bethany!! Thank you for your support and kind words! I will check out your log!

I was just going to post a blurb about how since I've gone paleo/started the whole30, not only do I have more energy, but I'm more focused! I'm a grad school student and before the whole30 I would get distracted every 5 minutes while trying to do a reading or work on a paper. This past week I have been so focused when I sit down to get some work done, it's very similar to the effects of adderall (minus the jitteriness).

Have you felt this way or is it just me? Additionally, I wonder what part of the diet attributes to the increased focus. It's not the lack of gluten because I've tried gluten-free before and didn't have the same experience...

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DAY 22

breakfast: leftover beef chili/sauce, 2 scrambled eggs, baked sweet potato fries


lunch: slow cooked beef, side of steamed veggies

dinner: baby carrots, handful of cashews, handful of raisins, and an asian pear

DAY 23

pre-work out: 1 fried egg

post-work out: 3 egg omelette with bacon, peppers, onions, and spinach, side salad w/ balsamic and olive oil

lunch/dinner: red curry duck, coconut water

this weekend flew by. i was so busy the whole time. been hitting the gym lately which feels really good. i cant believe tomorrow begins my last week of the challenge!!!!

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DAY 24

breakfast, lunch, AND dinner: spaghetti squash with beef tomatoe sauce and broccoli! sooo yummy!


snack: handful of cashews

DAY 25

breakfast: 3 salmon cakes w/ baby carrots


lunch: 3 salmon cakes, kale salad w/ walnuts and raisins and apples, side of collard greens

snack: handful of cashews

dinner: beef stew

DAY 26

breakfast: 3 salmon cakes with steamed spinach

lunch: beef stew w/ spinach

snack: almonds and wayyyy too many raisins and apple slices (my stomach was upset for the rest of the day!)

dinner: beef stew with spinach

DAY 27

preworkout: salmon cake w/ lemon and capers, handful of cashews

post-workout: a TON of beef stew

lunch: a little beef stew, some apple slices and raisins

snack: an apple and cashews

dinner: best VDAY dinner ever at Prime Meats in carroll gardens!!!! roasted beef bone marrow, bibb lettuce salad, oysters, bratwurst and sauerkraut!!!!!

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DAY 28

breakfast: leftover bratwurst and sauerkraut with 2 fried eggs


snack: handful of cashews and an apple

lunch: raw baby carrots, baked chicken breast and steamed broccoli with tomato sauce


dinner: was at a diner, beef burger with no bun, side of sauteed spinach (in olive oil) and garlic

snack: handful of cashews and an apple

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DAY 29!!!!! ALMOST THERE!!!!!!

pre-workout: 1 fried egg, handful of cashews

post-workout: apple, chicken breast, roasted butternut squash, broccoli


snack: baby carrots

dinner: apple, curried chicken and kale


sidenote: i can't believe it's day 29. i'm starting to freak out about what is going to happen on Monday! i'm not going to lie, i've already planned a celebratory day of drinking red wine. the two things i've missed the most: red wine and yogurt. but there is so much chocolate from valentine's day just STARING at me on my desk...waiting for glorious monday to come. clearly i have some issues i still need to work out!!!!!! i intend to keep a log post30 to keep track of what happens. my goal--stick to the whole30 for a few more weeks but include wine and yogurt (i'm not saying i drink every day, but the weekends have been extremely antisocial). as far as the chocolate goes...maybe i'll just have ONE piece on monday and then hold off until the two weeks are over and see how i feel....

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