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Question about snacking


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First topic post and on Day 7 and loving every minute of this. My husband and I are doing this together and are very happy with everything so far but I have a question. The book states that we are to eat enough to keep us full until the next meal and have 3 meals a day. We are both doing great with this but I have been reading a lot of the information on the forums and the logs and I see a lot of people having snacks. What am I missing?

Should we be having snacks? Are snacks more important for when you are exercising for pre and post-workout? Will I benefit from the (proper) snacking or try and do without? As you can see, I am a little confused!

FYI, I am currently not an athlete but am walking...nothing that should require extra food in my opinion. Like I say, I am not hungry between meals so far.

Thanks a ton


PS If this should be in the 'can I have...' section, let me know...or in another one that I am not aware of.

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Welcome Jimsgirl!

Snacks are intended to be a resource for folks who are having a hard time eating enough to be satisfied until their next meal. Since we want you to eat as much food as you need, we suggest mini-meals as snacks. If you're satisfied between meals and you're not exceptionally tired or sore after your activity, then you're just fine without.

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