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I'm amazed!!

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I was talking to my husband last night and I realized something. Before I started this whole30, I would eat a Lean Cuisine meal for lunch everyday at work. It was quick. It was easy. It was cheap. Now, I do miss the cheapness of those meals. With three kids, it is hard to shop and not buy all those cheap microwavable meals. Anywho, I would eat one of those meals for lunch, and not 15 minutes later, I am still hungry. This is where I would find a snack to munch on. Whether that snack was a banana, pretzels, carrots and ranch, or chips. For dinner I would typically make pasta. You know, those pasta pouches where you just add to boiling water,milk, butter? Well, I could eat the whole darn package. An hour later? I'd still want a snack!! What I have realized so far on my whole30 journey (i'm on day 9), is that I'm not hungry. The only time I am hungry is if I wake up in the middle of the night, or first thing when I wake up which is understandable since I eat an early dinner. Not only am I not hungry, but my portion size if the exact same (maybe a little more) than what I would have gotten in a Lean Cuisine meal. The only difference being, I don't feel the need to snack afterwards, and it hold me over. I usually eat my egg breakfast around 9:30. That holds me over till lunch at 1:30. Dinner usually dosn't come till around 6-7 at night. I have also noticed that if I am having a craving for a snack late at night (usually around 9 due to habit), that I will grab a bottle of water, do some Zumba, and the craving is gone!

Sorry for the long post, but I am proud of what I have accomplished so far. (yes, I cheated and hopped on the scale ((7 lbs down))), but I am surprised at the way whole foods are making me feel. Here's to 21 more days!

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