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First Whole??


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Hello! Good to see you... I revamped this first post cause my posts are lonely and I think I need to share and hopefully engage. Here goes.

I named this thread First Whole?? Because I don't want to put an end date on any of this until I know how I am feeling at 30 days. That is my first Whole30 goal. Make it to 30 days and then decide if 30 is good or if I need to push on. I will be on a Paleo plan no matter when my first Whole?? ends but I don't want to dive right back in. I have been nothing but inconsistent with my health my whole life. Struggling with weight since puberty hit hard and early. I have been fit and thin several times but mostly I have been chunky and once I got down right obese. Ew. Now is the time for balance and feeling whole, finally... changing my life with food 30 days at a time.

Onto my log...

OOPS! I just now realized that I put this post in the wrong place last night.

If anyone knows how to delete a post that info would be really helpful. :)

Where did my day 1 go? So much to do, so much done. More later on this and that. At this time of day I am just good to start my log. ;)

Day 1 eats

Breakfast: 2 mini omelet-muffins. I made mine with green, red and yellow peppers, onions and chopped spinach, plus egg, of course. http://www.paleoplan...omelet-muffins/ 2 cups of black coffee... 1 with a little coconut milk. I actually appreciated the plain black more... so that is what coffee tastes like. Awesome!

Lunch: Homemade ginger, chicken soup. http://lachapstickfa...icken-soup.html I roasted the chicken in my slow cooker first rather than buying one already roasted from the store. I also added more veggies and salt and pepper to cut the ginger down a bit. 1 large hand full of mixed baby greens with silvered almonds, only salt and pepper, no dressing. I could not believe how good it tasted without ranch. What? 1/2 of an organic, fugi apple, yummy!

Dinner: A palm size portion of Slow-Cooker Italian Pork Roast that was AMAZING! http://www.theclothe...ian-pork-roast/ I also had about a cup of steamed broccoli and half of a large avocado. I am guilty of no savoring this meal. I just snacked on bites here and there while I prepped more food for the next few days.

I found all of these recipes via thefoodie.com, my new favorite site!

Oh and water. A lot of water!

More to come tomorrow as well as the next 29 or possibly more days.

Good night.

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Alright now that I am in the right spot here is my day 2 food.

Day 2 eats

Breakfast: 3 mini omelet-muffins and a cup of coffee.

Lunch: A palm size portion of Slow-Cooker Italian Pork Roast. Still as amazing as the first time I tried it. I mostly cook for one so this 2lb roast will be my protein for at least 4 meals. I had this as a salad. http://www.thefoodee.com/recipe/194/ It is suppose to be the topping for Halibut and I am sure it is delicious that way but I LOVED it as a salad. I also had 3 slices of a Fuji apple. Plus lots of water.

Dinner: I made this great Mexican soup in my slow cooker over night and enjoyed it for dinner tonight. http://paleocomfortfoods.com/recipes/its-almost-summer-that-means-soup-right/ I seasoned chicken breasts and left them whole while cooking. It needed a little more salt but that was an easy fix. I also had more of the Mexican salad that I enjoyed at lunch. Once again I was eating as I was cooking. I am planning on changing this once I have enough stocked up. Plus I bought a TON of fresh produce and I need to get it cooked up before it goes bad, I also made a pitcher of tea tonight. I added a few bags of my favorite whole30 friendly herbal tea to add some flavor.

Day 2. Done!

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The chicken ginger soup looks good! Perfect for cold season :-)

It is pretty awesome. I recommend roasting your chicken in your slow cooker if you have one. I washed up my happy, drug free bird then I blend of sea salt, pepper, garlic powder, onion powder and paprika. I gave my bird a good rubbing and stuffed him with some large pieces of yellow onion. No need to add any water to the cooker, just pop the bird in there for 5-6 hours. If looks matter be very gentle removing your newly roasted friend. Mine fell apart as soon as I attempted to remove it. I had shredded it once it cooled and added it to the other stuff in the soup. I cooked everything in the slow cooker for a few hours before separating it onto individual containers for later meals. I also doubled the veggies. I am planning on making another just for eating, sans soup.


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Day 3. Bla.

I felt ok this morning when I got up but a little more sleepy than normal. I suck at consistent sleep, waking a few times a night at a minimum. Le sigh. A few of my Whole30 goals involve things that should help this a little (phone on silent all night, DO NOT check the time when I do wake up, just role my butt over and go back to sleep. No getting up no matter how much I might toss and turn… along with the Whole30 it self I am hoping to get real sleep in the not too distant future.

Lunch was great and turned my bla feeling around. I was good until about3-4pm. I sooo wanted something sweet. I had nothing healthy at work to snack on so I just pushed through knowing that I had a delicious beef stew waiting for me at home. So worth the wait!

Day 3 eats

Breakfast: 3 Mini omelets and a hand full of fresh blue berries. One cup of coffee, black.

Lunch: Mexican chicken tortilla-less soup. 1 Avocado and about 2 cups of fresh baby salad greens with about a 1/8 of a cup of sliced almonds, no dressing, just salt and pepper. Salad does not suck this way So great!

Dinner: Beef stew, one avocado and tea. I literally just threw all of the veggies I had in my fridge in to this stew. No recipe, just a combination of things I like. My pre-whole30 shopping spree at Central Market was a little crazy. I had several things that would go bad or needed cooking. So they ALL got cooked. Baby carrots, 4 regular carrots, 3 stalks of celery, 2 squash, 2 zucchini, 1 bok choy. I spiced my grass fed beef stew meat with sea salt, pepper, cayenne pepper and garlic powder. I also added 24 ounces of organic beef broth and some stock that I had saved from the last chicken that I roasted. The result? Great!

All of my recipes are from The Foodee Project. I LOVE that site!



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Oops... I slacked last night and did not log my foods. I had the day 4 drags. Meh.

Day 4 eats

Breakfast: 3 Mini omelets and a hand full of fresh blue berries. One cup of coffee, black.

Lunch: A palm size portion of Slow-Cooker Italian Pork Roast. Tomato and avocado salad, and a small baby greens salad. Water.

Dinner: Beef stew, one avocado and tea.... I know I had this last night and guess what- it is amazing and I am eating again on night 5. :)

Ok, on to day 5. Feeling so much less bla today! YAY!

Day 5 eats

Breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs and 4 slices of Fuji apple. One cup of coffee, black.

Lunch: Roasted chicken from my slow cooker, avocado, the rest of my Fuji apple. Water.

Dinner: Beef stew, one avocado, baby greens salad with a sprinkle of sliced almonds and tea. 3rd night in a row of this stew and I still love it.

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Weekend & many other shares and thoughts

I am armed and ready to push through my first While30 weekend! I have several things lined up for cooking. I will also make a trip to the local Sprouts and get some fresh veggies and see what other goodies I can find.

My hardest part is eating breakfast, on any day much less on a weekend. 3 years ago I got a LapBand. It is a blessing and a curse. Eating in the morning must be a very slow process otherwise it is just going to come back up... ain't nobody got time for that!

I lost a total of 110 pounds with the LapBand. The last 25 came off with a lot of work in the gym, a lot. At least 5 days a week sometimes 2 times a day. Um, have I mentioned I can be a little obsessive? I looked and felt amazing… at the time I was eating mostly meat and veggies with few carbs… way before I knew what Paleo was. Happy accident. I had done high protein, low/no carbs off and on for more than a decade… around the time everyone went Adkins I did too. Obviously I was off of that during the several years that I gained, gained and gained and found myself weighing in at 265. I am 5'3â€. NOT PRETTY!

So then life happened and I found myself with no time like before for the gym and my obsession quickly waned. Over the next year I gained 25 pounds. Going from a fit 6/8 back to a soft 12/14. Total bummer. I have tried and tried to find the motivation again but it just was not there. Then finally totally out of the blue in December I popped in a Jillian Michaels DVD and worked out! Woot! OMG I was so stinkin' sore. Progress. Now I have not at all stuck with my DVD every day but I am getting there! Also in December I accidentally found the Whole30. A cross-fit training, youngster friend of mine “liked†Whole30/Whole9 on Facebook and well now here I am.

As I mentioned before I tend to be the obsessive type. After reading my way through the Whole9 website I knew that if I wanted to truly make a life-long change that this could not be an impulsive or obsessive one. So I read, I researched, read more, and even more. I made a solid plan and set the date. I shopped, I prepped and prepped some more. It has truly been a joy making new foods and working my way through awesome recipes from thefoodee.com. I look forward to cooking many, many more of them in the upcoming weeks, months and so on.

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Truly growing fond of black coffee. Huh? What? No reals, I am!

I have never been a sugar and cream with a splash of coffee girl. One pack of sweet-n-low (yeah, yeah, I know) and maybe a little cream, but not always.

I make my coffee a cup at a time in my Keruig and so far the Dunkin Donut brand is the best in it's original straight black greatness. The few others that I have tried are bitter. Ack!

Off to the local Dunkin Donuts today to restock on DD K-Cups. Woot!

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Hello, day 6! Hello, ankle bones! What!?!? No puffiness around them any more at all, My toes and feet even look thinner! Bye, Bye water! Woop, woop! That got my day off to a great start. I was sitting down to put my shoes on and WOW! I sat there laughing like a mental patient! :D

My energy level was a little spotty today but I did a lot of running around... PLUS! Drum roll....... My amazing Chihuahua, Mia took her AKC Canine Good Citizenship test today and passed! YAY! So I was pretty stressed from running around all morning and then having that to deal with. But ALL is well and my energy went back up once the test was over. Whew... all and all a GREAT day!

I went to my local sprouts tonight and got fresh veggies and a few other ingredients for dishes that I will make tomorrow. My spice collection has grown more over the last week than it probably has in the last decade. Gonna need a spice rack! :wub:

Day 6 eats

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs using evvo and a cup of black coffee.

Lunch: Roasted chicken, one leg and one wing. One avocado and a baby greens salad with 2 roma tomatoes. Yummy! Roasted chicken recipe: http://kitchensimplicity.com/?p=20229 I shared a few bites of this with friends at lunch on Friday and they all loved it and wanted to know the recipe. Melts in your mouth! (pic below)

Dinner: Ribs and a baby greens salad a roma tomato. My bff made the Whole30 compliant ribs they fell right off the bone and were so delicious! Now I am going to search for a slow cooker recipe for baby back ribs! (pics below)

Happy Saturday!




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Alrighty day 7, done! My energy was nice and steady today, which was so great! I didn't pop out off bed like the energizer bunny but once I was out I was go, go, until just about 45 minutes ago. Whew! I spent the first part of my morning prepping this amazing Cubed Pork Shoulder in Sauerkraut dish: http://nuttykitchen....erinsauerkraut/... I put a slow cooker spin on it so it would be ready to eat when I returned from Mass. I AM NOT A FAN of sauerkraut at all but I tasted an amazing recipe during the holidays that had it and I loved it. So I figured that if I can find a W30 friendly recipe I would love it too. Thefoodee.com to the rescue. Bingo! The only thing I will change next time I make it is to make it spicier. The pork and kraut melt in your mouth! After Mass and lunch I settled into my kitchen for the next several hours making tons of stuff for the coming week(s). Taking pics as I went. I have never, ever cooked like this in my life. I am truly enjoying it and everything I have made so far has been so great.

Day 7 eats

Breakfast: 2 fried eggs using evvo a cup of black coffee and a glass of tea. I have not been drinking enough water on the weekend… I need to get into a better habit of it like I am during the week.

Lunch: Pork Shoulder in Sauerkraut with baby spinach and grape tomatoes. (pic below)

Dinner: Chicken breast stuffed with prosciutto with a chicken broth and mustard sauce. http://lowcarboneday...breast-low.html. So yummy! I also had some steamed broccoli, oven roasted asparagus and avocado. I DID NOT eat all of that stuff on my plate in the pic below but I made a big dent in it... lol.... seriously! (pics below)

Here comes Monday…. Duck! :blink:









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I am about over you day 8. I had a hard time eating today; LapBand issues... some days are just like that. Good news is I could not eat much and nothing came back up, bad news is I could not each much so my energy was for crud. I didn't really feel tired during the day I just a little tired eye which I find very annoying. Got home and made a quick dinner and now I am tired. I am trying my best to avoid dozing off too early, so here I am.

Day 8 eats

Breakfast: 1.5 slices of breakfast casserole (pic), a cup of black coffee. In the pic below you will see some slices of apple. These went back into the fridge. I was good to get the casserole down.

Lunch: Pork Shoulder in Sauerkraut, curry roasted cauliflower (pic) and a few grape tomatoes, water to drink.

Dinner: Roasted chicken, grape tomatoes and avocado (pic) with water to drink. Time to make some more tea.

More tomorrow!





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Alright day 9 you really surprised me!

I did not sleep for crap last night. Tossed and turned and woke up off and on all night. Gur, so frustrating. I fell right to sleep but then sucked at the sleeping part for the next 8 hours.

Not uncommon for me truly, the sucking part. But sleeping poorly is actually sucking less... that might seem hard to believe given what I have just written but last night was an actual improvement in comparison to my most sleepless nights pre-W30. On those nights when I was battling insomnia I woke up and tossed and turned and I was completely conscious the whole time. Never falling back to sleep at all. NONE. NO SLEEP. I could literally lay in bed wide awake for hours. I would usually give in and drag myself and my poor little dog to the sofa where I would spend the next few hours watching t.v. in the dark still unable to catch even a blink of sleep. That is until about 30 minutes to an hour before it was time to get up and start the day. How stinkin' miserable is that? I would drag my way though the next day and come home and pass out after eating something awful I picked up on the way home. I have not always slept this way but when I am eating poorly and not exercising I do.

Last night, no trip to the sofa. I tossed and I turned like the pro that I am but dang it I slept in between. It is progress!

I ordered this yesterday: http://www.amazon.co...ils_o00_s00_i00

I am hoping that this and some more time are al I need to start sleeping like a normal human.

I really thought with all of the tossing and turning that I would be more tired today. No so! Again, progress. I also had a much, more friendly LapBand today so I got to eat good portions and that helped fuel me throughout the day. Woot!

Day 9 bonus: my pants there were snug a week ago fit just right today. Progress.

Day 9 eats

Breakfast: I am over the breakfast cassarold for now… more in the freezer for when I want to give it a go again. Today I had 2 hard boiled eggs and 2 of the most delicious hot dogs (pic). Ever. http://www.applegate...ic-beef-hot-dog I am not a hot dog person, unless I am at a ballgame you will not find them in my hand, fridge or anywhere else. Especially not for breakfast. Who eats them for breakfast? I do. Now. Get some, so delish!

And before you ask why I bought them… well I was at sprout scouring the labels on meats and found the W30 compliant chicken hot dogs I had see another post about and low and behold the beef is omplinat too. Yippi! Easy protien.

Lunch: Pork chop with chipolte dry rub. http://vahuntergathe...chipotle-chops/ Yummy! Curry roasted cauliflower a small salad with a few grape tomatoes, a handfull of black olives and water to drink. (pic)

Dinner: I had to work late tonight which is not uncommon a few times a month. I didn't get home until about 7pm. Boo. On my drive home I was trying to figure out what I was going to warm up for dinner from my now over-stocked W30 compliant freezer. But the first thing I thought of was not frozen at all. Eggs. Fried eggs… just a touch of evoo. Hit the spot. I also had some grape tomatoes, steamed broccollii with almond slices and some black olives. Crazy combo but it was great. I also made some fresh herbal iced tea. On these late nights I would typically drive-thru somewhere. No more!

Bring it on day 10- I am ready for you!





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Hope your sleep continues to improve, must be maddening.

Hi and thank you! Last night was better. I only tossed twice which is a huge improvement. :D

My magnesium should arrive today or tomorrow. I'm really looking forward to trying it.

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Tired, so tired. I don't think that I am as tired as I would be if I was not going strong on my W30 but lack of sleep night after night is going to catch up to me no matter how well I am eating. Huff!

I started digging through the forums today to see other peoples opinions and experiences with the Natural Vitality, Natural Calm magnesium drink powder. I ordered some on Amazon on Monday night and I knew I would receive it today (thank you, Amazon Prime). Much to my dismay I figured out that I ordered the one that had artificial sweetener in it. Gur. So I went to the company website to see if I could find some of it locally. I did, I did! Their website said I could find it just down the block form my house at Abundant Life Health Foods. I have seen and passed this store hundreds of times during the last 7 years. I've never gone in or given it much thought. It looked like a small vitamin store but after visiting their website I was pleasantly surprised and very excited that I was going to check it out tonight. Ok, so I have never seen so many bottles of vitamins and supplements and natural remedies under one roof in my life! The also had tons of other items including organic eggs, various types of flours and other W30 approved items along with tons that weren't… soy laden and carb filled. Anyway enough to visit more often for sure. The location they are in now use to be a grocery store back in the 80's according to a friend. Back when grocery stores took up a lot less square footage. I had fun browsing around and I even found a brand of W30 compliant salad dressing which was a nice surprise sine my Tessemay's order has not arrived yet. I also got the unsweetened natural calm along with some vitamins I needed and some coconut oil cooking spray. All and all a great trip and I will go back for sure! I posted a pic of my tiny, yet pricey haul below.

I was also trying to figure out if the Natural Calm drink is fizzy or has any carbonation to it at all. Bubble and the LapBand do not get along. I gave up all carbonated drinks in December of 2009. I was a serious Coke drinker. I drake it everyday and not a can of it, several cans of it. I weaned myself off it in over a week or so and then went cold turkey. The caffeine with drawl lasted a long time. I suffered from roseicia for several weeks, if not longer getting all of the toxin from the Coke out of my body. That alone started improving my health. The only thing I missed was beer... so I took up wine. hehe Btw. I never did figure anything out about the bubbles but I will be making my drink within the hour so I will find out then.

So here is hoping and praying for better sleep tonight, natural calm in hand. Woot!

Day 10 Eats

Breakfast: My breakfast yesterday was not balanced at all. All I had was protein. I did much better this morning. Two hardboiled eggs, 2 W30 compliant organic beef hot dogs, some black olives and a tiny salad. Still heavy on the protein, but better on the balance. And a cup of black coffee.

Lunch: Chicken, ginger soup, steamed broccoli with sliced almonds and salad with some grape tomatoes and water to drink. You will also see an avocado on my plate in the pic below. It never got eaten, saved it for dinner because I was full.

Dinner: Roasted chicken, 1/2 of an avocado and a salad with grape tomatoes with my new dressing. The dressing is ok so far... will try it again tomorrow.

Good night day 10.




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Day 11, hmmm. It was ok. Still sleepy. The magnesium didn't help last night but it didn't hurt so will be taking it again tonight. I got my order of Tessemae's in today and that was awesome. Making my dinner ah-mazing! Yay!

Day 11 Eats:

Breakfast: This meal keeps alluding me. I can get a little down but I know I am not getting everything hat I need every morning. The LapBand is not making eating early, easy at all. This is not uncommon and hopefully it will get better and or I will figure out what is easiest to eat early in the morning. I had a few bites of breakfast casserole and a few bites of Applegate beef hot dog. One cup of coffee, black.

Lunch: Roasted pork shoulder, steamed broccoli, 1/2 of an avocado and a small baby greens salad with a few grape tomatoes. Water to drink.

Dinner: Did I mention I got my Tessemae order? Um WOW! All I could think was ok what do I have I can throw in a bowl and put this zesty ranch dressing on? I ended up with a large amount of baby greens, a few sprigs of cilantro, 1/2 of an avocado, several slices of cucumber, 2 hard boiled eggs and 1 Applegate chicken hot dog. I chopped everything up and added the dressing. (pic) I am already looking forward to having another salad at lunch tomorrow! So Delish! Oh and tea to drink.

See you on day 12!


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Uh. Oops. I got home late last night after my fir adventure to a restaurant during my W30. I ended up at a place with ZERO W30 compliant meals. BUT they did have a selection of salads. I just had to have them leave off some of the items and bring it to me without dressing. Luckily I had my lunch bag in my car and I brought a little Tessemae's dressing in with me. More deets on the huge salad in my log.

After much reflection I might have figured out some of the sleep problems I have been having lately. Pre W30 I had been sleeping ok off and on. Then I started and seemed to be tossing and turning more than before. Before W30 I use to drink a lot of Arizona diet green tea. It has some caffeine in it but not a ton. When I gave up that tea I decided to make some regular tea and blend it with a mint herb tea to add some flavor. Um. What I didn't realize is the difference between the two until I started looking up caffeine amounts yesterday. The Arizona has 4mg, the other I made has 10mg. That does not seem like a huge difference but I think it might just be. I had water with lime last night with dinner. So my total caffeine intake yesterday was one cup of black coffee in the morning. And…. Friday night I SLEPT!!! I woke up once to potty (giggle) and then slept though the rest of the night. Whoooo Whoooo!!!! I had to get up early for an appointment and it was no problem at all. YAY!!!

Day 12 Eats

Breakfast: One Applegate beef hot dog, one hardboiled egg and a small amount of baby greens and 3 grape tomatoes. One cup of coffee, black.

Lunch: B.A.S. Big Ass Salad. OMG delish with my Tessemae's zesty ranch dressing. Assorted baby greens, grape tomatoes, ½ of an avocado, cucumber and hard boiled egg. So yummy! Water to drink.

Dinner: B.A.S. Big Ass Salad. OMG delish with my Tessemae's zesty ranch dressing. This one was at Red Robin's, not a place I will probably ever eat again. I ordered the “avo-cobb-salad†I had them leave off the blue cheese, apple wood smoked bacon and the side of bread. All of the good parts were served on a HUGE bed of mostly iceberg lettuce (ack). At least the good parts were really good. Grilled chicken breast, diced tomatoes, avocado, hard boiled egg and black olives. By the time I worked my way through the top of it I was pretty full. I drizzles my Tessemae's on a little of the lettuce and had a few bites. Stuffed!

As I mentioned before I had to get up early today so but the time I got home I was running behind on my meals. I got breakfast in but then got really busy and forgot lunch until 4 so I skipped it. Eeek. I won't do it again and I had an amazing dinner.

I got so much done at my house today! I was not bursting with energy but I didn't feel the need to sop at any point for several hours. I cleaned out part of my garage, making room for some things from my 3rd bedroom. I got everything out of the bedroom and moved to the garage, thanks to my awesome son. With some more organization and cleaning my 3rd bedroom will become a gym. I am so excited! So far I have a recumbent bike and a treadmill. I also want to add an elliptical, eventually. I will have a small t.v. in there too for my work out

DVD's that I usually do in my living room. All I will have to do is roll out of bed and get on a piece of cardo and get my heart pumpin' in the morning. :)

Day 13 Eats

Breakfast: One Applegate beef hot dog, one hardboiled egg and a small amount of baby greens and 3 grape tomatoes. One cup of coffee, black.

Lunch: Uh.

Dinner: Pork shoulder slow cooked with sauerkraut. Roasted baby carrots, roasted sweet potato and a baby green salad with grape tomatoes and avocado.

I am going to a superbowl watching par-tay tomorrow. The host is mostly Paleo which is great. So most food will be W30. There will be some temptations but I'm not worried. I am bring oven roasted hot wings. Mmmm!

Whew! This girl is tired and off to bed!

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All righty! Weekend #2 done!. Yay!

I even had fun a a small Superbowl get together and enjoyed great W30 food. I borught wings and slaw. Yummo!

My sleep over the weekend improved. I think that eliminating the caffeine in the evenings is really helping. Plus the magnesium seems to be helping as well. I feel like I am on a good trend.

Day 14 Eats:

Breakfast: One I usually never eat before Mass but I made sure to get up early enough to eat the past 2 Sunday's and I will do it in the future. I had a few scrambled eggs eith coconut oil, 1 Applegate organic chicken hotdog and some sweet potato hash browns made with ghee. This was my first attempt with the sweet potatoes and they were delish!

Lunch: Roasted chicken, grape tomatoes and avocado with tea to drink.

Dinner: Superbowl food. Mmmm Good! I enjoyed a plate full of goodies including homeade quacamole, brisket with pico, chicken wings, slaw and ribs.

Day 15 Eats:

Breakfast: One Applegate organic beef hotdog, one hard boiled egg a handfull of baby greens and some grape tomatoes. Black coffee and water to drink.

Lunch: 4 chicken wings left over from last nights festivities. About half a cup of my slaw, several handfulls of baby greens, grape tomatoes and ½ of an avovado with a little Tessemae's zesty ranch dressing.

Dinner: I ahd to work late and was not very motivated at 7pm to do much of anyhting. I threw together a big salad with roasted chicken, tomatoes and avocado. Done.

Goal get my butt in bed before 10. Take out the dog, drink your magnesium, brush your teeth, go to bed. Sleep.

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Day 16 was a good one. I slept well and was ready for the day when my alarm went off. Yay!

I had steady energy today. So pleasant. Not the cray, cray I'm on crack energy that some people have talked about but not feeling sluggish all dang day is a HUGE improvement for me!

I had a bit of an incident over the weekend while I was making my Superbowl wings in the oven. My oven became possessed and would not stop going to 600 degrees! OMG. Luckily I noticed it in time and saved the wings by using the unevenly heated broiler. I turned off that breaker and called it D.E.A.D. dead. So tonight I went to Home Depot. It will be delivered Friday. I am so excited to start using it to aid me in my W30 cooking adventures!

Day 16 eats

Breakfast: 2 had boiled eggs, small salad with tomatoes, black coffee and water.

Lunch: Prosciutto stuffed chicken breast, roasted baby carrots and sweet potato, Salad with tomatoes and half of an avocado and water to drink.

Dinner: 6 chicken wings, salad with one tiny avocado and grape tomatoes, with water to drink.

This girl is tired. Off to bed!

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Today was a good and productive day! I didn't sleep great… I forgot to take my magnesium. Doh! Anyway… I won't forget tonight.

I took a half day today which threw my eating schedule off but an hour or so but not worries.

I ate lunch later than normal but it was good and gave me the energy to get a ton of things done at home this afternoon. I got my 3rd bedroom all finished up and officially turned into a home gym! Woot! I am so excited that I got it done. I still have some little things to finish but I can start working out in there now and that is the most important part. ;)

Day 17 eats

Breakfast: One piece of breakfast, veggie casserole. Black coffee.

Lunch: Grilled salmon, baby greens salad with avocado and tomatoes.

Dinner: BAS with a huge mess of baby greens, 1 tiny avocado, grape tomatoes, green onion including chives, 2 applegate farms chicken hot dogs and some sliced almonds and with Tessemae's dressing. Yummo!

Good night!



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Today was a good day. Nice steady energy through the day and no slumps. I slept really well. But I know it can get better because I am still only waking to the alarm and even then I really don't want to get out of bed. So ready for that bright eyed and bushy tail feeling that I know will come with strength and persistance!

My new Range/Oven will be delivered tomorrow. I am SO STINKIN' EXCITED. My last one was a POS from the 80's. I will be cooking all weekend!!!

Day 18 eats

Breakfast: Two scrambled eggs, applegate organic beef hotdog, small handful of baby greens and a few grape tomatoes. Coconut water and black coffee to drink.

Lunch: Beef and veggie stew. Salad with tomatoes. Coconut water and water to drink

Dinner: Chopolte rubbed pork chop, roasted sweet pataotes and carrots, grape tomatoes, steamed asperagus with a little evoo.

Out! -_-

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Day 19! Cray, cray day! And thanks to the W30 I sailed right through with even energy and a pleasant attitude and frame of mind.

My morning started off with my new range/oven being delivered. Yay! So the guys get here and tell me they cannot install it because my circa 1985 range/oven is hard wired. Gur. Made several calls to local electricians and got one scheduled for the afternoon. So I headed din to work for a few hours anxiously waiting for the electrician to call that he was on the way. So he called and asked me some questions and I had to go exchange my cord that the oven came with for a different one. Sigh. Got that done and met the guy at my house. He was great, and pretty cute. hehehe... hey I'm single! Anyway he removed the old range/oven, rewired everything and installed a plug. Then he installed the new one and put the old one in the garage. Great service... and did I mention he was cute and friendly too?

So my new range/oven is installed and BEAUTIFUL!

Day 19 Eats

Breakfast: Ur well I got busy cleaning and preparing for the deliver and looked up and it was 10 and too close to lunch time. Oops.

Lunch: Chicken tortilla-less soup, avocado and grape tomatoes

Dinner: I went out to eat at Texas Roadhouse. I had a salad with tomatoes and egg. Baked sweet potato and a steak. Yummy!

Lots to do tomorrow! I am starting my day with a Mani-Pedi at 9am. Groupon! Yeah!


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Ok, ok. I have totally been slacking on my log over the weekend. So here goes...

Day 20 eat, Ok this one is spotty because I can't remember everything lol.

Breakfast: Two hard boiled eggs, one applegate farms beef hotdog, 2 cups of black coffee

Lunch: My breakfast was late for breakfast since I had a mani-pedi appointment this morning. I was running around town when I should have had lunch but I felt fine. I went to Penzeys Spices in Dallas it was awesome! Then I came home and added my new ones to my already growing collection.

Dinner: Beef veggie stew, roasted broccoli with coconut oil and avocado, water.

Day 21 eats

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, sweet potato has browns and one applegate beef hotdog, water

Lunch: Big salad. Mixed baby greens, avocado, grape tomatoes, hard boiled eggs, dressing made from evoo and one of my new Penzeys spice blends. Yummo! and water to drink

Dinner: Tuna salad. I love tuna salad but I had not bought any tuna until Saturday and I also needed to make mayo and purchase W30 compliant pickles. I did it all! I found canned tuna without soy, yay! I made the mayo from the recipe in my Well Fed cook book and I diced up Bubbies dill pickles. The mayo is amazing and the Bubbies pickles are so great! I also had a big salad with mixed greens, tomatoes and avocado plus my homemade dressing. Plus 1 extra Bubbies pickle. Water.

Day 22 eats

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs, sweet potato hash browns, one applegate beef hotdog, black coffee

Lunch: Chicken breast with prosciutto and a big salad with mixed baby greens, tomatoes and avocado. 1 small Bubbies pickle. Water and coconut water to drink.

Dinner: I am all about the homemade mayo! So tonight I made some egg salad with 4 eggs. I also had a large mixed greens salad with tomatoes and shredded carrots. I took an herb bled I bought over the weekend and mixed it with evoo and a little mayo. Yummy! Water to drink.

All and all my energy has been consistent the last few days. I had sleepy eyes this afternoon at work I felt fine but my eyes were tired which is probably from sitting behind the computer all day. Sleepy eyes make me feel sleepy. Boo.

Speaking of sleepy… I bought some Sleepy Time tea tonight and I enjoying a cut of it now. Mmmm

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