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VERY picky eater.. HELP, need NON EGG ideas!

Christine K

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Hello, My name is Christine. I am trying to put together meal ideas for myself and the kids,

Lunch box ideas and breakfast ideas are giving me a challenge.,

I have a daughter who doesn't like

Chicken,turkey,Pork (although she will tolerate turkey more than the other 2).

says that eggs give her a belly ache

and hates fish of any kind...


USUALLY i give veggies and hummus for her lunches. I need proteins! I know beef..but that will get boring.

I am going to try her on other meats and she is happy to TRY them but i need EGG FREE, kid friendly breakfast ideas

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Almond butter on apples? Or a homemade turkey sausage, I make one with unsweetened applesauce, cinnamon, ginger and poultry seasoning..it's mild but flavorful. I purée soup for my son, it has meat in it but he won't eat chunks.... I'm new to this too, just some thoughts. Best of luck.

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There are dozens of cuts of beef and hundreds of ways of cooking it. Your daughter could have a different beef preparation at breakfast every day. With all the different spices available, you could create a different taste with beef for years. Most of us stop trying after just a few recipes, but there really are lots of ways to make food interesting. The meal map in It Starts With Food shows lots of ways to cook ground beef to get you started.

My favorite meat and veggie breakfast is stir-fried onion, ground turkey, and sweet potato. Ground beef would work just fine in place of turkey.

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thank you for the idea's. She is willing to try new things and after years of struggling with her taste buds i did realize that I was "kidding' her food too much. People tend to skip the seasoning on kid food and I figured out it was actually too bland.

She likes heat without it burning..

as she says.. i want food to wake up my tongue,not ruin it! LOL.

She is 14 and has texture and sensory issues.. I will try anything. She is curious and wanting to try a few types of game along with lamp and goat and wants to try ox tail soup, but while I love to cook.. i haven't dabbled in these meats before.

Guess its time to try!

I guess I should feel lucky that she is wanting to try unusual foods (unusual for kids anyway)

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My only experience with lamb is with a leg of lamb, but it's AMAZING. My method involves stabbing it all over with a knife, putting whole cloves of garlic in the holes, rubbing the outside with rosemary, salt, and pepper, searing on the stove, then roasting it. The texture will be the most butter-like melting meat I've ever had. I cooked it and took it out when it was rare, so it was beautiful and reusing it in further recipes didn't make it too overcooked. I really need to do another one...if it didn't involve using my bad shoulder to help maneuver a 10-11 lb piece of hot meat on the stove and in the oven. Maybe when hubby gets home...

I'm excited because I just found a grocery store here that has rabbit. And oxtail. Gizzards. Liver. All sorts of stuff that's hard to find in the US. I rather like my German store now...

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