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Difference Between Whole30 and Paleo?


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Hi Monkey!

The Whole30 program is what I like to call Paleo Plus. We believe that the base for health in your body is the food you eat. Our program eliminates many foods that others consider acceptable in order to help your body learn to deal with food in a healthy way, both physiologically and psychologically. While some of the restrictions may seem arbitrary, each of the guidelines is designed to promote the best possible environment for healing your body and changing your bad food habits. It's intended to be a reset for your body.

While some paleo lifestyles make allowances for added natural sweeteners or white potatoes, our program does not. We believe that it is most beneficial to eliminate problem-causing foods (both physically and psychologically) for a period of time before reintroducing them to determine their effect on your body. After their program, some folks do just fine with a potato here and there and others do not (myself, included. The insulin spike leaves me feeling like I took a sleeping pill). Our goal is to help you find the place, nutritionally, where you feel the healthiest.

The most basic differences between a typical (because there is no "standard") paleo diet and the Whole30 program are:

  • No added sweeteners (not even honey, agave, stevia)
  • No white potatoes
  • No carageenan, sulfites or MSG
  • No dairy, period. Including heavy cream and butter. The only exception is clarified butter, or ghee.

I hope this answers your question!</p>

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Paleo foods are, as best we know, what people might have eaten during the paleolithic age. The Whole30 is not concerned with history, just what science and personal experience confirms as broadly healthy.

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Thanks guys!

Yes, I noticed that acceptable "paleo" foods vary from website to website. I love the whole30 because it's straight forward.

I'm trying to incorporate this into a daily way of life (not just 30 days) because I feel so much healthier this way. My rosacea has cleared up and I no longer get that sick, shakey, sweaty, and weak feeling I used to get. I'm more outgoing and eager to get out and do things. My depression has decreased significantly as well. I'm confident that once I get to the point of all organic, the toxic load will drop even more and the depression will be gone forever!

Oh, and I can't forget to note... I dropped a great number of pounds as well!

Can't go wrong doing this!

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