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Wen's first whole 30


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A little late on day 7! Somehow missed the thing we are to post our food here.

Sooooo anyway.....

Day one:


2 hard boiled eggs 1/2 grapefruit


1 chicken sausage w/ red pepper with bowl of spinach

small handful walnuts


roasted red pepper with beef/carrots/cauliflower/ onion/garlic and tomato paste

large salad with vinegar/olive oil as dressing(lettuce, zucchini. cucumber. green onions. tomatoes, olives

1/2 grapefruit

Day 2:


2 hard boiled 1/2 grapefruit


salad with olive oil/vinegar chicken sausage


Rao's marinara, spaghetti squash, and ground beef meatballs with onion, garlic and egg

1/2 pummelo

herbal tea

Day 3:


2 hard boiled egg 1/2 grapefruit


leftover spaghetti squash/ meatballs


chicken fajitas: chicken, onion, garlic, red and green peppers, all on salad

w/ guacamole: avocados, jalepeno, onion, garlic, cilantro, and tomato.

herbal tea

Day 4


2 hard boiled eggs 1/2 grapefruit (see a pattern)


leftover chicken fajitas w/ guac


grilled flat iron steak/ salad with hot sauce on top

herbal tea

Day 5


2 hard boiled eggs small apple


leftover spaghetti squash and meatballs


tenderloin steak, spinach and sweet potato baked fries

Day 6


hard boiled egg banana ( before hiking)

brunch: after hiking

scrambled eggs compliant beef chorizo (woo hoo) and spinach (finally had a day off)


hamburger w/ guacomole on spinach and baked sweet potato fries

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Day 7 today.

Feel great best day so far. Was able to get some extra keep for a change.

B- three eggs, chorizo, and a huge handful of wilted spinach

D- flat iron steak on salad with lettuce, zucchini, cucumber, tomatoes, green onion, and guacamole on top.

Lots of water as always chai tea as its been cold.

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Day 8:

B-1 hard broiled egg

After waking then a bit later two eggs, chicken sausage with tomatoes and spinach

L- salad and grapefruit, Cherry pie Lara bar.

D- chicken dusted with coconut flout sautéed with olive oil, onion, garlic, and tomatoes. Put on a salad with lettuce, zuchinni, cucumber, diced jalepeno. Of course added hot sauce.

Drank my pelligrino with lime then herbal tea before bed.

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Day 9:

B- hard boiled egg

Late 2 scrambled eggs with steak and spinach

L- orange stupid work got in the way of food also had a handful of nuts

D- made a big bowl of 'ceviche' with tomato, cucumber, onion, cilantro, jalepenos, shrimp with avocado

Butternut squash and a mango

Herbal tea before bed

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Day 10

I am amazed by these things:

1. I feel great!

2. I have such a great attitude and disposition I wonder if my employees are thinking they got a new boss.

3. Food tastes a lot better it makes me pause and appreciate it so much more!

4. My appetite or 'need' for food or desire to over eat is gone.

5. Not so stressed and that truly amazes me.

So anyway here is today's food:

B: three hard boiled eggs/ grapefruit

L: shrimp ceviche salad some butternut squash

D- Nom Nom's crab cakes, salad and home made tartar sauce.

( so proud that I made home made mayo and it was soooo good. Thanks Melissa "Well Fed!"

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Yesterday just sucked!! Bad day at work so stressful. ( I manage a grocery store) so holidays including Super Bowl, are not 'fun.' Not to mention horrible headache which I still have today. Thank God no tequila in the house or I might have been in trouble.

What I did eat: (which isn't a lot because I was nauseous from the headache)

B: 2 eggs

D- steak salad with guacamole lots of veggies

Then herbal chamomile tea then off to bed.

Today isn't starting of great, but I did put a pork shoulder in the slow cooker a la Well Fed Italian pork roast. So at least I have a plan.

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Today work was INSANE! Thousands of so much junk food going out the store, chips, dips, cheese, sausage,hot dog, buns, soda, beer, booze, candy, and sooooo much more! But, that insanity caused me to not eat all that I should:(

B- 2 eggs

L- nada nothing zip zero

D- grilled tri-tip yummmm made sweet potato chips (quite a success) guacamole so dinner was good.

Herbal tea as I watch Elementary.

Off tomorrow so hope to get some advanced cooking done and a nice hike.

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That was breakfast eggs, tritip, scallions, and spinach

L- mango, nuts didnt have a lot of time


D- ribs two ways slow cooked and smoked, butternut squash and spinach

Great day didnt get everything done, but did work out

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So any way know that I finally figured out pics!!! Thanks to all that helped;)

Here is breakfast:


My new fave eggs, scallions, tritip and of course hot sauce

Lunch was hamburger and spinach with homemade mayo


Chicken fajita salad with homemade guacamole

Good day can't believe I'm more than half way! Tomorrow is day 17. I enjoy talking and telling others about my experience and it isn't even over yet!

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Day 17!!!

Ok so breakfast:

Boring three boiled eggs, 1/2 grapefruit

No picture needed for that!

Lunch: leftover chicken fajita salad and some guacamole

Got some bad news about a friend and scarfed down some nuts why? Not quite sure was hoping to stop my stomach from churning and it just made it worse.


It was wonderful hamburger with home made mayo, (soooo good!) avocado, tomato, onion, diced jalepenos, and finally got some fresh spinach. And yum, baked sweet potato 'fries.'

One of many great things I have learned thus far is how wonderful food can be items that I never tried or never thought much of.

I have felt so great and I seem to be eating so much. And now I think I have convinced my husband to do a W30! So when I'm done ill have a glass of wine then start another!

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Day 18

Rough day

B-eggs and tritip with fresh spinach probably my favorite meal!

L-sausage cut up with tomato sauce and fresh spinach

D- cod sautéed in Oliver oil with chili powder/cumin added some cucumbers and some guacamole.

Although I have been having bad days at work and such it's a good thing because I'm learning not to jump to eating something bad or quick. Or grabbing a glass of wine. So bad can be good.

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Day 19 it's been a good day! But, finally had one of those 'crazy' dreams! In my dream I 'somehow' accidentally ate lasagna with tons of Mozzeralla then my stomach instantly hurt (in my dream) and I realized crap I'm doing the whole 30 I can't eat this!! It was really vivid!

Anyway here is today's line up:


It was my usual egg, onion, tritip, and spinach. Love it!

We decided to go out for the afternoon and I went out to a real restaurant for lunch for the first time. Went to Firebirds and had a great waiter who was a big help. I had a delicious delmnico steak with onion, tomato, and they steamed the veggies for me it was really good.


We did also stop at Teavana I love tea! And trying and getting new flavors I really like! Got one called Samuari chai Mate and a peachy non caffiene one for night. Will be trying that one later tonight.


And last dinner had some pork chops wasn't sure what to do in all honesty not a pork hop fan. But, off to google and tried a recipe from paleo comfort foods:


There is even a video how to make it. It was a hit even with my family the non-paleo eaters. I added some butternut squash and spinach and voila-dinner is served!


The only bad thing about today was going to Teavana and trying a tea I had asked before I sipped to ensure it had no additives and the answer was negative. But, as I sipped I saw 'German rock sugar" yuck! I almost spitted it out! Man, no matter how hard you try there are things that you must be prepared for and watch out! Luckily it was just that a sip I gave the rest to my son. I sincerely hope that would not constitute a start over! I think no....

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Day 20!!! Ten more to go I got this!

B- made my own casserole, eggs, veggies and chorizo.


Lunch- well ate breakfast late ended up with some nuts and some meat

Dinner: tri tip yam chips and homemade salsa


Had the weekend off which is rare but in five days its vacation going nowhere but, plan on doing a lot around the house.

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Day 21

It really wasn't so great really wanted: something! Hot apple cider, grilled cheese it wasn't good, but I survived.

B- leftover casserole/1/2 grapefruit


L- leftover tri tip and spinach

D- NonNom Paleo quick tomato soup which is phenomenal!! And chicken leg

Here is the soup put some avocado on top it was marvelous



I hope tomorrow goes better.

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Day 22

B-three eggs

L- more tomato soup and a chicken leg

D- crock pot cross rib with green chilies roasted asparagus homemade salsa, tomato, onion


Overall today when great. But, going to San Diego Saturday through Monday and worried about travel--food. I assume no fast food is good food so will have to get creative somehow.

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