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Day 10 and felt super hungry today!!!

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Day ten, went out for dinner twice this weekend and managed to stay on track but I noticed that all I did was eat this weekend. I have an insatiable appetite and this is the first time I've felt this way. Luckily I'm well prepared but wow, I'm a never ending pit. Has anyone ever had this occur or is it just me? I really hope this feeling of starvation passes. I made sure to drink plenty of water to make sure that it was hunger and not thirst. Ate lots of veggies to try and stay full but nothing worked. I really hope this is just a little bump on the road to my success. I'm very dedicated and determined to finish my 30 days.

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Like Robin I know this feeling. I experience it if I had a few physically demanding days in a row where I haven't been able to eat enough.

I don't know your activity levels and how much or what you eat, so view this in the context of your background.

In my experience, if the body screams for food, it needs it.

If you have been removing a lot of refined carbs or sugar from your diet then you have been removing a lot of calories which you can not easily make up for by adding in vegetables. Veges have a lot of nutrition but not many calories.

So if it's plain calories your body is after, veg indeed won't keep you full.

Protein, fat, and overall volume of food all need to increase compared to a SAD diet.

I think many people underestimate just how much more food they need to eat when eating whole foods only.

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