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Whole30 #1...maaaayyybe whole45??


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This is also my back story to explain how I got to this point. So I planned my first whole30 for Feb. 4-March 5.

We LOVE football up in here, so just in case there was a decadent dessert I couldn't pass up (which there was) I wasn't about to start my first whole30 til after the Super Bowl. The end date was perfect because my Mum (not british, just have always called her that) arrives from Seattle for the month of March and since she's an even bigger sugar junky than I am (at 5'7 and 110lb...barf!) I figured it would be perfect to revamp my eating habits and get used to saying, "thanks but no thanks."

She has a way of saying, "but the cinnamon rolls are made with WHOLE WHEAT flour!" In my book, what's the point at that junction.

Back on topic. My BFF started and successfully completed her first whole30. We both suffer from fibromyalgia. I also have CFS and have been diagnosed with Idiopathic epilepsy meaning: "we don't know why you have seizures, but here's some medication to make them stop." All of my tests were normal. After my initial grand mal seizures is when the Fibro and CFS started. I felt like I was a 22 year old trapped in a 80 year old body. I had to schedule activities in sporadic occasions to allow adequate rest, I would go to bed at 9:00 and wake up at 10:00am and not feel rested and be beyond exhausted throughout the day. I eventually was too tired to laugh at movies or jokes. My husband would always ask if I was ok, and my reply would always be, "I'm fine sweetie, I'm just so tired. But I'm laughing inside."

By living this way, your friends start to feel like you don't care, or you're 'no fun.' I soon developed depression, and because i was depressed, i avoided people, which made matters worse because then i developed anxiety. UGH! Thankfully I have the most wonderful, supportive husband who's stuck by me thru it all.

In October of 2012, I heard about Paleo and thought, hmm, I could stand to loose a few lbs, why not? I mentioned it to my BFF and she told me about Whole30. I thought, "whoooaaaa, u crazy girl! I'll do 80/20" November is when I started Paleo and the first 3 weeks were torture!!! I was MORE tired and in MORE pain than I'd ever been in before. Then one day I woke up and I could THINK clearly! I started laughing more, joking more, I had energy throughout the day, AND I wasn't in pain! My husband now looks at me and says, "its nice to have the old you back."

HOWEVER as I watched my BFF do w30, I started to realize I needed to do it. I was still having a glass of wine 4 nights a week, and going to sushi once a week, and yes, i was one of those people who read ISWF and said, "no, having coffee without sugar and cream is harder than quitting drugs, I'm sure of it!" I was allowing too much.

So! Without further ado, my husband and I have started our w30 journey and are currently on day 3. Even though I've had a wicked head cold for a week now I'm persevering because my health depends on it. I have had no cravings (besides wanting to weigh myself) so far and am not hungry. I'm sure not having cravings is owed fully to the fact that I'm eating enough fats. (Yippee) I hope to post some photos of yummy things I cook too :)

Today's photo is of my breakfast this morning. Is was incredible!! Poached eggs, on prosciutto, on guacamole, on a slice of tomato. Mmmmm.


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Thanks Derval & Tom,

I'm wondering...do you guys have any suggestions for being sick? I'm having a hard time being hungry enough to eat and lacking the energy to cook. I skipped lunch today because I just haven't had energy to move :( I know that's terrible and I shouldn't just snack. I'm at a loss!

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It won't help for today, but when you do cook, double the batch. Most things can be reheated. I make a breakfast casserole that lasts me 6 days, and I make enough dinner to have leftovers for lunch. Sometimes I make enough to get a couple of meals worth out of it, and freeze some in portions so I can defrost and heat in the micro when I'm too tired or short on time. A once-a-week cook-up is great for a day when you have the energy. Even if you just throw a stew in the crockpot and a couple of chickens in the oven.

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So yesterday....oh yesterday.

I have always been a sugar addict. My FIL is always joking about how I'll eat anything chocolate (I mean, it's chocolate, come on now.) but I have to say, in these last few years, I've become a lot more discretionary. I won't touch a Hershey bar, but I'll have 4 pieces of Lindt. Maybe it's that as I get older (!) I have an appreciation for nicer things...ANYHOW, when I went Paleo, I severely reduced my sugar intake. Only allowing for sugar in my coffee and 75% chocolate. I'm wondering if that's why I'm not having any cravings?? I'm so confused! My HUSBAND, who at the beginning of this said, "I don't have cravings for anything." (BS) has had sugar withdrawals! He's been craving sugar and having headaches. I've had neither.

I don't know if its because I've grown so much in my eating habits over the last 6 months, or because I'm so determined to do this?? Maybe a combination of the two?

I will say tho, I had an angry moment yesterday that was VERY out of character for me. I had a BF because a plug wouldn't go in the socket. Makes me laugh right now, but I was downright cursing, and that's just not me.

My sleeping almost immediately has gone into a 7 hr schedule. Like clockwork. Whenever I fall asleep, I will wake up 7 hrs from that time. (And sleep like a baby in between) I've never only needed 7 hrs of sleep!! It's quite exciting cuz it means I can get some things done around the house before I leave for work in the mornings!

I ended up skipping lunch because i just didnt have energy to cook, but I did have a half an apple (normally I would've devoured it!) and some macadamia nuts around 4 to tie me over while we made chicken veggie soup from homemade broth.

Bring on day 4!!

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So day 4 went really well. I was still really sick :( I wasn't up for making breakfast, but I did make lunch - chicken salad with Paleo Mayo in between cucumber slices to make "sandwiches" - after lunch I was having some cravings for sugar, not bad, but there. But come dinner, I wasn't hungry much either. I made salsa and plantain chips out of coconut oil and had that for dinner. I know that it wasn't enough food by standards, but ISWF also says to listen to your body's needs, and I didn't need anything beyond what I ate.

Incidentally, I didn't sleep AS well, I think I woke up once, groggily to roll over, but it wasn't anything as bad as its been in the past.

I have been having REEALLY bad leg pain (Fibro). I'm not sure if its due to detox, or the blizzard we're getting...but the weird thing is, is my DH has been complaining of leg pain too, although has never had issues with that...interesting.

Now day 5 is coming to a close and the leg pain is less intense. I still haven't had cravings for sugar (!!!) and I'm not missing wine (what is going on here?!) I mean, don't get me wrong, at the end of this when my DH & I go out, I'll get a glass of wine, but I can't say how totally thrilled I feel that I'm not feeling I need it after a long day. As regards sugar, I'm gonna try go as long as I can before reintroducing it :) I'm not all that interested in seeing what it will do if I'm not missing it.

Today I was extra, um, playful? I was playing cards with my family and joking with everyone so much my DH actually said, "have you been drinking?" Haha! No! I just feel awesome!!

Thank you ISWF for helping me to redifine my relationship with food so that this is....easy...ish!!!!!! It takes a lot of work preparation-wise and forethought-wise, but my determination has never been like this before :D thank you Dallas & Melissa!!

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I just have to say I am SO excited!! I slept awesome last night an I apparently only needed 6 hours!! What?! I woke up at 6 and am taking care of stuff around the house before I run out and start shoveling 2'-0" of snow! Normally, if I only got 6 hrs of sleep, I'd groggily sip 2 cups of coffee in my dark living room for 4 hours and try to wake up.

I'm pumped!!

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Thanks @martihana60! It's great to hear people are experiencing the same things as me :)

So today is the end of day 6, I can't believe it! I woke up feeling 95% better and had the energy to shovel 2 feet of snow for 3-1/2 hours. That is absolutely unheard of for me!! I'm already sore, and I can only imagine how I'm gonna feel tomorrow, but it feels good to be so useful again. Tonight and last night I've been getting sleepy around 7pm, but making myself stay up til 11, otherwise I'll wake up at 3am. I haven't been eating fruit or nuts so I'm wondering if that's helping stave off my cravings. (??)

Today I ate 3 eggs to fuel the shoveling. For lunch we had leftover chicken veggie soup, and for dinner I made w30 chili to put over applewood uncured hot dogs.

I'm so excited that we are nearing the end of week 1!

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Thanks Callan, it's great to have support to keep going!

Today is day 7 and I'm feeling as victorious as day 30 for some reason! Don't get me wrong, my determination is just as strong to keep the next 23 days clean as I was the day I started, but for some reason, getting through week 1 (and consequently first weekend) and finishing it strong, feels so exciting!! I'm excitedly looking at and and tweaking my food plan for the next week and getting ready for work tomorrow :)

Actually tomorrow will be my first time working on w30 because I've been sick. My job is very physical, so this will add another dimension in the mix; I'm thinking this will MAKE me hungry for 3 meals/day. Once again, I missed 1 meal today. Because I haven't been sick for 2 days now, I know for a fact it's not because of being sick, I honestly think its because my body just doesn't need that extra amount when I'm not working/working out.

Today for lunch, I had an awesome spinach salad with avocado, walnuts, prosciutto, and oranges with a balsamic and oil dressing.

For dinner, I had a taco salad with ground beef, salsa, and guacamole. Mmmmm. I have to admit, I wanted a margarita with it, but my club soda w/lime worked just fine :)

My clothes are fitting much more loosely and my skinny days have now turned into a skinny week. I KNOW I've lost weight and am so excited to continue on!

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Thanks gabsgab! So true.

Today, day 8, went well. I ended up not going to work because of more bad weather, so I cleaned my house and made a new batch of almond milk :)

I'm still feeling awesome! I did need a nap, but it was only 30 minutes instead of the usual 3 hours. I've been having thoughts about honey and maple syrup, it would be nice, but not worth it!

I forgot to mention, I recovered from shoveling snow like nobody's business!! I was sore, but not bad. I worked so hard that I was expecting to not be able to move for 2 days!! NOW I know what everyone means by faster recovery times! Holy crap! I'm also feeling like my hair is getting thicker; I lost half of it from my anti-seizure medication :( so I'm pretty excited about that!!!

I ate breakfast and lunch like a champ today, but then wasn't hungry for dinner!! Is it because my body just doesn't need anything else??? It's so crazy! Breakfast I had 2 prosciutto egg cups and sautéed onions, peppers, and mushrooms. Lunch was chili and Zoodles with avocado pesto sauce.

Almost day 9 (double digits coming up!)

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Day 9 good morning!! Whew I feel like superwoman! I woke up at 6:20 (7 hrs after falling asleep!!) when my alarm was set for 8 ;) I have gotten the dishes done, my breakfast made, my lunch packed, and dinner is prepped and in the fridge for when I get home from work and it's 8am now!! So much extra time I love it!!! I am happy all the time (except for the random freak out that I'm pretty sure is my hormones tweaking themselves) I want to constantly go do stuff instead of lay around and rest, and I'm just so grateful for whole30. I'm definitely not planning on stopping at 30 days.

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So here I am in the middle of day 11, still goin strong and feelin great! I've worked the past two days and am working today. (I have my own little cleaning business, so it's long, tiring days) after work each day, I've had the energy to take a shower and make dinner, which never used to happen, and then I pass out at around 9pm. Waking me up around 5:30-6:30 the next morning. So I'm getting good sleep!

Something cool has happened too! I'm not sure how, but I'm faster working too! Tuesday I finished a 7 hr job in 6-1/2 hrs and yesterday I finished a 6 hr job in 5-1/2! My time is becoming more profitable!! Sa-weeeet!!

The days I work, I'm much more hungry, hungry enough for a full 3 meals 😃so yesterday I had leftovers for lunch and made chicken fajita salads for dinner. Today I have the leftovers from dinner last night for lunch and am making lemon mushroom chicken thighs with avocado cucumber soup for dinner.

My husband is shrinking before my eyes! He started out as a size 44 2 months ago. I think he probably went down to a 42/40 by the time we started this. I would not be surprised if he fits into a pair of really nice jeans I bought him for an anniversary 4 years ago that are a 38 by the time we finish 😉 (I'm not dreading seeing my reflection lately either 😉)

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Wow! I've been MIA. Well, jumping in...the end of day 11 sucked.

I got home and hit a brick wall...HARD!!! I was so tired from work (although I finished that one 1/2 hr faster too!!!) that I came home to take a nap. 45 min late, it was like I was paralyzed. My arms couldn't move, my legs couldn't move, (no! Not seriously) I was just SO exhausted I couldn't get out of bed! It was awful. It was one of the worst attacks of fatigue I've had in a loooong time. So I never did make or eat dinner :(

Day 12 was MUCH better :D I woke up at 6:30 and made the "eggs Benedict" (see 1st post) and it was a nice day off where I got to write cards to people, and run a few errands. Since the house was clean and the laundry done, there was nothing I HAD to do :D so since I was running around doing errands I needed a lunch of convenience, so it was pretty protein heavy, but satisfying; leftover chili and hotdogs. Dinner was beef tenderloin (mmmmmm) and mashed cauliflower.

Interestingly, I don't think cauliflower agrees with me; it was my first time having it and here I am on day 13 @ 6:00am (although I woke up at 4:30) with the worst gas and kinda runny...well, I'll spare you...regardless, my tummy's not that happy.

I'm so excited that were almost halfway. My DH said he weighed himself a couple days ago and he's lost 5lbs. Crazy! 5lbs in 10 days?! The only thing stopping me from weighing myself is the potential disappointment of seeing -.4; which is so me. I know it's not about numbers, but you know...I guess that's why they say not to weigh ourselves.

I did the south beach when I was 20 and lost 13lbs in 14 days (got to my hottest ever) and I kept it off for 2 years....until I got married. I have that 13lbs back now :) but when I've tried to do the south beach in the past and didn't loose at the same rate as I did (weighing myself every day) I gave up after 4-5 days out of frustration, so this is for the best :)

Oh! One more thing. I noticed yesterday that almost ALL of my cellulite is gone!! Even when I flex my booty, I barely get 3 dimples! I'm SO looking forward to wearing my shorts this year!!!

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You are doing such an awesome job! Thank you, thank you, for sharing your story in the beginning. My mom and I both suffer from CFS and I have seen so much improvement in my symptoms. I can be active now and not have rebound fatigue and aches for days afterward. It is so worth it, this journey (and beyond!). When your life is not your own for so long, it does get depressing. Wonderful job for pushing on and trying to find what works! Glad you are here logging and sharing.

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Thank you SO Much Rojo! It's so nice to know people with the same issues; I know I tended to feel like I was insane, because people would say, "yeah I'm tired too."; feeling by yourself with no hope of recovery can really mess with a person! ( I dealt with the symptoms for 6 years before I was diagnosed) one of the many reasons I'm grateful for finding whole30.

Today, day 13, has been the most difficult day in my journey thus far. Cravings, frustration, irritation, more cravings...I woke up at 4:30am (7 hrs from when I fell asleep) and I just didn't feel like cooking - all day. I mean, I love cooking, but I'm tired of spending what seems like 60% of the day in the kitchen. So when my DH woke up around 10:30, he was wonderful to make us steak and eggs while i ate an orange that tasted like candy! It was incredible that it was so sweet! WOW! My cravings have been frustrating tho, coupled with no desire to cook and being cranky, well, bad morning started off a bad afternoon. (My DH actually is feelin the same as me today! Crazy)

So, I decided to take a run; clear my head, my lungs, and hopefully my cravings. Plus my Min Pin is getting cabin fever.

I felt so much better after it! I ate macadamia nuts and another orange to re-fuel and My cravings were gone and my mental clarity was so much stronger. Still didn't feel like cooking tho, and my DH wanted me to take a day off, so we ordered from our favorite Italian restaurant. I'm getting a roasted half of a free range chicken with roasted veggies. I'm super excited :D

Tomorrow's a new day and I'm planning meatballs & sausage in a red sauce (one of my dh's favorites) for over Zoodles. That'll make leftovers for a couple days at least :) I'm proud of us for pulling thru such a crummy day :)

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You totally navigated this day with grace! I am proud of you too! You dinner sounds very good. I love how the break a new meal, or a meal out, can create mental balance.

Awesome job on getting those endorphins up with a jog. I try to get away in nature for hikes as much as I can when I am feeling cranky, emotional, or trapped.

It took my husband almost three weeks before his cravings went away. Just keep the course. It does get better. One day, during my first 29 days, I actually balled up and cried on the couch the cravings were that bad. Now I am sitting in my house with leftover cake in the fridge. It sometimes takes a while to be a bit more free from the cravings, but it will come.

Lots of love and support your way!

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Thanks so much for the support Rojo!

I am so excited we have 2 weeks under our belts! I must say,weekends are TOUGH!! Weekdays, not so much. Weekends, I guess I'm used to usually taking them off with my DH. We usually go out for bfast, grab something quick for lunch (or snack) then go out with friends...we've been shut-ins pretty much because there's nothing out there for us to eat :/ I'm eagerly anticipating the next 2 weeks tho.

Yesterday was infinitely better than Saturday. Was just in a better all around mood. I made us eggs and sautéed onions, green peppers and tomatoes (and asparagus spears for myself, DH won't eat that). It was filling and amazing!

Yesterday was cathartic too because I went shopping with my lovely MIL (who's like, my carbon twin, 30 years older so we have an awesome relationship). It felt so good to get out of the house and DO something. So for lunch we hit up Chipotle (SCORE!) and I got extra meat and extra guac on my salad....the guy was SUPER generous with the guac tho and I think it was more like 4 servings!! So I was satisfied all the way thru dinner :) once again, on a day I don't work or work out, I'm only hungry for 2 meals; seems to be my MO.

I know its not kosher, but I decided to measure myself at the halfway point at the beginning of this all, but not weigh myself. So here it is!!

Beginning: Day 15:

Neck:12-1/2" { 12". } -1/2"

Arms: 11-1/2". { 11-1/2"}

Bust: 36-1/2". { 36". } -1/2"

Underbust: 30-1/2". { 30". } -1/2"

Waist: 30". { 28-1/2. } -1-1/2"

Tummy: 34". { 33". } -1"

Hips: 43". { 41-3/4. } -1-1/4"

Thigh: 24-1/2. { 24 (x2).} -1"

Calf: 14-1/2". { 14-1/2"}

Ankle: 8. { 8"}

So I've lost over 6" overall in 15 days! Not bad!! And I was barely working out because I was so sick the first week. This week and next will be MUCH more active :D but more importantly I love the progress and how I'm feeling internally and emotionally. I love having the freedom knowing that I will never diet again!!!

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So it seems my MO is to blog about my day the day after, so I think that's what I'm gonna do from now on.

Yesterday was BAD! I was running around doing errands and cleaning the house like a madwoman that by the time I sat down, it was 3:00!! I wasn't hungry until then! And then I was like, "is dinner ready yet??" Not smart. So I had an apple with sun butter and waited til 5 for my sauce and meatballs to finish simmering :) served it over Zoodles that my VERY Italian husband didn't mind!!

I am so proud of him for how long he's gone without pasta. Before all this, I'd cook it twice a week because it was easy and a favorite. Now, it's only when we have company or if we go out ;)

I did still have cravings for chocolate, but they weren't as intense. Come evening, my DH didn't feel like watching TV (!) but wanted to play games (what I usually want to do). I think he's getting the extra bump in energy and not wanting to just veg in front of the tube now ;)

We were both so punchy and laughing and the stupidest things, but it was hilarious to us and was one of those "it feels like we've been drinking" moments. Love those!

Slept AWESOME for 8 hours and woke up at 6 :) time for a LONG day of cleaning (8hrs). Gotta go get dinner prepped so I can just pop it in the oven when I get home!

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Very cool! My husband is very supportive as well. He went on the journey with me. It's always nice to see men supporting their ladies!

Sounds like you are reaping a lot of benefits. My husband and I had the same experience with our energy levels and moods the first time around.

What do you make your zoodles wtih? Do you just slice them really thin with a mandolin or do you have the upright, rotating contraption? I'd really like to get one of the zoodle making machines soon...they look so cool!

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I have a mandolin for my Zoodles. It took me long enough to get one of those (which I LOOOOVE), so to get one of those crazy cool devices; will probably take me an extra 2 years 😜

Last night I had chocolate cake!!!!!!!! With fudge filling and whipped chocolate frosting and cherries....in my dream 😠haha! But seriously, craving much? It was funny because I took one bite and instantly felt guilty. Whomever I was with asked why and I started explains whole30 to them!! Whole30 is in my dreams!! Lol! Then I woke up & was instantly relieved it was a dream. something crazy - I started my period (sorry for the random dude reading this), but it's a whole week early!!!! And I'm on BC. So I'm not really sure what to do; but at least I'm feeling like my cravings have had a good reason and not just because I can't control my body. (Usually on my period week, anything goes, cuz I just want to pretend I'm feeling awesome) AND it explains why I've been so tired! (Like nappy tired, not, over the hill I can't move tired)

So yesterday went really well eating wise. I had eggs, andouille sausage, and asparagus for breakfast (I've been LOVING asparagus in the mornings!) then I had leftover Zoodles and meatballs with an apple and sun butter. I was super tired after cleaning for 8 straight hours, so I took a nap when I got home while the chicken was cooking. It was Baked Artichoke Chicken (thank you Pinterest!) and it was incredible! My DH had 5 pieces and I had 2, although later I was feeling like I should've had 3 after such a long day, but now I have a piece for lunch today 😠which will be another long 8-9 hr day of cleaning (2 houses). So I should get going. Thankfully I got up so early I was able to unload/reload the dishwasher, make 2 batches of Almond milk (love my new nut milk bag!) and clean all the pots and pans from the past 2 days.

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