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Hemp Oil


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Hemp seed oil is NOT a good substitute for fish oil, and even it were allowed on a Whole30, I would not take it. 55% of it is omega 6. 22% of it is omega 3, but it's ALA, which is short chain (i.e. not the good stuff). The body CAN convert ALA into the good stuff (EPA and DHA), but it's MAJORLY inefficient under the best case scenarios of a pristinely healthy gut with amazing absorption rates/etc. Most folks on a Whole30 do not fall into that category.

If you don't/can't take fish oil due to an allergy or just because you're a veg*n, then why not look into algae-derived DHA supplements? like this guy: http://www.amazon.com/Source-Naturals-Blue-Green-Algae-Tablets/dp/B000GFHPNO/ref=sr_1_4?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1340027846&sr=1-4&keywords=algae+DHA

I'd shop around though. Source Naturals has good products, but I'm not sure this is the cheapest option out there. be mindful of the additives!

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