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Have to Share Good News


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I haven't yet made it through an entire Whole30, but I have turned my eating habits around in many, many ways. One result came through for me today that I wanted to share.

We have blood drives at work twice a year. For the last three years, I haven't been able to give, because my iron was too low. This has been very disappointing for me, since it's such an important thing to be able to do.

So when they announced our most recent drive, I decided I would try again, now that I've reintroduced red meat into my diet, and am eating so many more vegetables and healthy things. I was delighted when my iron came out fine - the minimum needed was 12, and mine was 13.3! I heard my assistant next door, who eats oatmeal for breakfast and the usual low-fat stuff, and wasn't able to give because hers was too low.

I firmly believe this is related to my changed eating habits. It just makes me more determined to keep trying til I make those 30 days. This was a pretty darned good victory.

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