James' PW30: Chocolate why hast thou forsaken me?


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Actually started posting my PW30 log in the "reintroduction" forum so I'm actually starting this log on PW30 Day 6.

To recap...reintroduced dairy on Days 1-2. Conclusion...definite reaction from milk, half and half, ice cream (so sad). Not so much from yogurt and sour cream. I plan to try making my own coconut milk yogurt with my handy dandy yogurt maker.

Returned to Whole30 for days 3-5, although I ate Thai food on Day 4 so I can't be 100% sure I didn't inadvertently reintroduce some HFCS or MSG in the coconut soup and/or shrimp curry I ate.

Today's convenient re-intro substance is chocolate, as I'm sure is the case with a lot of us post-Valentine's Day.

Mine came in the form of two very small squares of 75% dark Trader Joe's chocolate adorning a romantic dish of frozen banana + cocoa powder "ice cream" I whipped up for me and my wife last night.

Pre-Whole30 I never had a problem with chocolate per se—could normally take it or leave it in fact, so I thought it would be a safe indulgence that wouldn't trigger a binge reflex, and it didn't, because holy c--p, it did not--go--down--well. At all. Wow.

So ice cream, chocolate? I never imagined life without you but I hate feeling like I just got punched in the gut more than I love eating you. Don't forget to write (sniff).

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Hey jpketz: if the cocoa + banana is accepted by your digestive system, then perhaps it was some ingredient in the Trader Joe's bar that made it intolerable? A lot of chocolate bars include soy lecithin.

Or did the banana/cocoa concoction wreak havoc as well?

(I bought bananas so I could try that one out. Just letting them ripen a bit more.)


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Terez, slw600. You're both right about the chocolate...and T'J's. I bought one of their privat label 1 lb. chocolate-zilla bars before I did my Whole30, saving it for my re-intro. So I just checked it and it does contain soy lecithin. My bad for not reading the ingredients. I'm not sure I'm sensitive to soy but my experience yesterday was enough to make me uber cautious.

And speaking of Trader Joe's...is it just me or has TJ's done a real pivot toward the SAD and away from real food? I can think of several examples including discontinuing Nieman Ranch pork, which is one of the few sustainable sources for decent pork and bacon (and local for us). And their organic produce dept. gets smaller every day in comparison to the non-organic. I'm guessing the realities of the market place and the economy has caused them to pander more toward the "average" consumer or maybe I'm just getting more particular about what's in my food. I'm sad, nonetheless. I used to do 90% of my shopping there.

In my fantasy world, stores like Trader Joe's and Costco would have separate aisles where all the real food is kept, so we didn't have to sift through all the other toxic waste to find stuff. Okay, I'm starting to rant now so I'll stop. :unsure:

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  • 2 weeks later...

So here we are at Whole30 + 16 days. Yeehaw. On my own bike but finding pretty strict W30 compliance a pretty natural fit. Lost 10 lbs. and performance on my bike is much improved. And REALLY happy not to be tempted to pull up a soccer match on the DVR and devour a box of Hot Tamales. Or be falling asleep at my desk every day around 4 p.m.

Reintroduced dairy and concluded that anything uncultured is right out. Including my old BFF Half-and-Half, which gave me stomach cramps almost immediately. Greek yogurt not so much. Kefir not so much.

Re-introduced sugar and gluten somewhat more carelessly by jamming down a half a frosted sugar cookie with sprinkles at a Flea Market. Gack! Not sure it was the sugar bomb or the gluten or both but I broke out in a sweat and nearly lost it in a vintage clothing booth. Then I spent Oscar night with neolithic friends who had a giant container of M&M's sitting out, but my cookie experience was enough to keep it at arms length. Especially after I read the ingredients.

Elsewhere on the re-intro front:

  • Chocolate without soy lecithin seems to be well tolerated in small amounts (happyhappyjoyjoy)
  • I mistakenly ate some pinto beans in a BBQ salad and had no discernable problems but no plans to re-incorporate legumes.
  • Stlll plan to try a few items just for the feedback, like sourdough bread, corn tortillas.

As of today, I'm 90% Whole30 still and life is good. Also, my wife may have to do Whole30 Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) so the transition may be easier if we're already Whole30 compliant.

I just read in another forum thread that some people allege a connection between excess emotionality (like crying at TV commercials) and diet. I find this fascinating. Anyone ever heard of this or any studies along these lines?

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Thanks for the compliment and good wishes, Terez. While I've got you...have you ever heard of that connection between diet and crying at commercials?

Snort, sniffle sniffle. I'm glad fenderbender straightened that out for us! :) Sounds like your reintros were pretty insightful! I didn't have an issue with dairy, or soy... But beer is out. WAAAAA sniffle burp. I love wheat beer. LOVE it. But I immediately has a raging almost migraine headache,and my eyelids blew up within 30 minutes. BALLS

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I think it's absolutely awesome when your body gives a very clear signal "I do not like it". Well at least for beginners like me it makes staying on track way easier.

Glad that chocolate is still in! I have a bar that doesn't have soy in the ingridients, but has a disclaimer "may contain traces blasblah". I am wondering...

Good luck to your wife!

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@NadiaB. Totally agree. The clearer the signal, the more it becomes hard-wired. The theory behind giving alcoholics Antabuse, I suppose. Or the time when I was 9 I ate an entire box of raisins. Not pretty. Hopefully those lengths are ones we can avoid going to during re-intro, but yeah, I'm slowly arriving at a pretty reliable list of what I can/will put into my body and it's great to have the hard data.

But here's the big payoff from Whole30 for me...for most of my adult life I've reacted the same way to garbage food, albeit less intensely due to years of professional level overconsumption, but that didn't really stop me from eating more garbage food. And mass quantities of it, on occasion. Especially sugar.

Instead of stopping when I got full, I would typically eat until I was full and then until I felt sick, And then stop...maybe. Actually, it was more often the case that I just ate until I felt sick, bypassing "full" like it wasn't there, because for all intents and purposes, it wasn't. It's SO nice to have those signals coming back, like "hungry", "full", "satisfied".

So while I find myself pouring over ingredients lists and nitpicking my food these days, the real joy in all of it is that I can eat a square of a chocolate bar and then actually stop...or better yet just say "meh...I can take it or leave it". That's just really brilliant and I think what they mean by the whole "changing your relationship with food" idea.

Crap. I just got all sermon-y. Sorry didn't mean to do that. Must be my seratonin. And thanks for the good wishes for my wife, she has an uphill battle ahead.

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