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It is hard for me to ask, but I'll put this out there and see if someone can help me out.

I don't know what I'm doing and it seems overwhelming - how to tackle an even more strict elimination regime. I thought of compiling all the foods from FODMAPS, Histamine foods, the IBS protocol from ISWF, highlighting the foods in common in each category, and cutting them out. Right now, I'm of a mind to just continue on with a Whole30 as planned and give it more time (I have 29 day so of a Whole30 under my belt and I am on day five of another Whole30 currently). The first Whole30 I took a probiotic and I wonder if I need to take a digestive enzyme? I don't have a gallbladder and I suffer from IBS and CFS.

The only symptoms that are driving this concern is sometimes I get puffy eyes and nose after eating (Sometimes, not consistently) , and a watery tummy in the morning only...sometimes for a couple of hours - no cramping, bloating, pain, just a waterfall. I really do not know how to ask for help, or who I should even turn to on this one. I don't trust doctors anymore and the only natural doc in our area is SO expensive. I think she is the only one I would trust to help me sort this out. But gosh, she is expensive.

I take 5,000 Vitamin D w/breakfast normally (I have been tested and I am low)

I do take a Fish Oil supplement off and on

I have switched to acetaminophen for headaches (Instead of Motrin)

Do I need to be more patient and keep on with another Whole30 and see how things go?

Should I add in a digestive enzyme?

Should I do a more strict elimination at this point?

Overall, my stomach has improved! I don't have pain and reflux anymore. The bloating and gas are gone (these were bothersome). I am just fearful that I am not absorbing nutrients. I know a watery tummy 50 percent of the time is not normal. It doesn't hurt...just bothersome and troubling to my mind.

Should I just count my blessings and deal with it? I know I can be kind of a spaz sometimes. If I am being a spaz, just tell me kindly. :)

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I would keep an extremely detailed food dairy, writing not only what you ate but how you felt for the hours afterward. Then, if you really feel you need to experiment with eliminating more (such as FODMAPs) I would do one type of elimination at a time perhaps on top of the Whole30. Again, keeping a detailed food dairy. Doing everything at the same time might be too overwhelming, but also may not show you just what is giving you trouble still.

If you truly feel you have further food troubles beyond what is eliminated in the Whole30, make certain you have given a full 30 or more completely compliant. You'll need that as a control for running further experiments. You wouldn't want to go through all this trouble only to find out what was actually wrong was that you were still getting exposure to something eliminated in the Whole30. Also, if you have had a good amount of wheat exposure still going on, you should see about getting tested for Celiacs and also see if you can get allergy and fructose malabsorption tests done. That may help you start to narrow things down or rule things out. With something like Celiacs, you could be affected by cross contimination in your cookware, and that could be the solution to your troubles if you just threw out the old cookware. I think it might be worth it to run as many tests on this stuff as a doc will do to help you narrow it down a little first.

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I don't think you should follow a "special needs" elimination protocol on the chance it might be helpful. I think those protocols are best reserved for situations where there is clear evidence of a problem - results of testing, well recognized response to a problem food, etc. So I like CaseyD's advice to do a regular Whole30 and keep notes about what you eat and how you feel afterwards. You might discover a pattern that would support following a stricter elimination protocol.

You might want to look at getting a consultation from one of the Whole9 consultants. There is more info at http://whole9life.com/personal-consulting/

The forum cannot resolve complicated things, but any of these guys can work with you to figure things out. I've never worked with them, but the few people I have chatted with who have used them have been very happy with the experience.

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Just wanted to let you know I am thankful for all your suggestions. It has helped me put together a more sane, workable approach. I feel less overwhelmed.

1. Keep calm and ride out the Whole30

2. Keep on logging my meals, noting how I fee, and seek out some additional diagnostic testing

3. Make an appointment for a consultation to help sort things out

I want to let you guys know I feel so much better about this now thanks to you. :)

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