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Too much food?


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I am 5"6.5" and weighed in at 135 going into Whole30 and I am on day 5. I would like to lose 5 pounds. I have not weighed in yet, but I feel bloated. I think I might be eating too much food. Here is my menu.


Stir fry up some onions, garlic, broccoli, bell peppers, zucchini, mushrooms and open handful of kalamata olives in a little olive oil and then throw 3 eggs on the top and scramble it all up with a mini sweet potato on the side. I use whatever veggies I have on hand to mix my scrambles up a bit.


Big salad with spring greens, lots of raw veggies, 2 eggs and some protein (Chicken, steak, ground beef, fish), 1/3 avocado, olive oil italian dressing

Roasted veggies (I like to layer veggies in a big 13x9x2 pan) I make about 1.5 gallons on Sunday and have them during the week with my lunch and dinner)

piece of fruit


Chicken, steak, fish, etc. either baked or fried up in some olive oil with some nice seasonings

medium sweet potato with coconut oil

Roasted veggies

WO Snack

medium banana

closed handful of cashews (about 11)

I run 30 minutes every day and strength train 4 days a week alternating between upper and lower body. I have a desk job, but and active lifestyle.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, J

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I am on day 3 and received a note in the daily e-mail today that said that digestive issues are common in the first days and should resolve in the second week. I believe it suggested ginger and apples (I am having tea made of fresh ginger right now) and it said club soda to help you burp. I looked at club soda at the store yesterday and saw that it had a lot of ingredients and I picked up seltzer water. I like to have it with ginger, cucumber, mint, or berries to give it just a little flavor.

I'm really new to this and my book is finally going to arrive today, so I hope a moderator will fill in the blanks and make corrections. Maybe some of this will help you!

Oh, and I also saw a similar post in the Ladies section of the forum that may also be helpful to you.

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Thanks Robin and Nico! I find it very strange that I could feel like a balloon one day and fit as a fiddle the next. Today I feel fit as a fiddle. I was asking myself if I didn't lose one darn pound would I be satisfied with where I am at and the truth is I wouldn't trade not being obsessed over food for anything. If I get both then yay, me, but if not I will accept it. I love not being obsessed with food. It goes to show that half the battle is in my mind. This is not just about food and weight for me. It's about working from the inside, out.


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