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Balsamic that says "contains sulphites"


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So naturally occuring sulfites are ok? Wine has naturally occuring sulfites no? ISWF does not specify why sulfites are a no no other that it may cause skin allergies etc. What about if we don't have those issues, is it a go?

Also, my balsamic glaze does not list sulfites in ingredients but says "contains sulfites", so I assume those are naturally occuring and are OK?

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Tom gives a really deatailed explanation about why sulfites are bad in this thread here


I've never forgotton it because I was the one who asked the original question :)

Now W30 is designed to cut out things that aren't good for us and that may be upsetting us, sometimes in ways we don't realise or associate with the food we eat. If we decide at the beginning we don't have a problem with something and keep eating it then we'll never really have the opportunity of seeing how healthy our bodies can be without it.

Personally, having read as much as I can on sulphites, I will no longer allow them in the house, ever. they in no way contribute to health.

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