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hey glimmer! you meals look/sound so awesome! giving me some great ideas and inspiration! i'm round the corner of day 7 and really looking forward to a better week. my first was week was not as great as i had hoped/expected.

are you finding it much easier this time around? or do you think you're just more aware of the challenges and you know how best to combat them now vs with your first w30?

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Day 13. 7 hours sleep. I think I am starting to feel better : ) YAY! Not quite tiger blood yet, but maybe tiger cub blood if there is such a thing

M1: sweet potato, spinach, capsicum 3 eggs fried in coconut oil

Skipped the gym today as shoulder still niggling, does housework count as exercise? Lol

M2: cucumber tomato capsicum sweet potato beetroot mayo leftover lamb hard boiled egg and handful almonds

M3 pork chop, apple sauce potato with ghee cauliflower carrots and zuchini

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Day 14. 9 hours sleep (oh my)

Felt on top of the world til 4pm the fell in a screaming heap. Hmm maybe banana at lunch was a bad idea

M1 http://blog.stuffimakemyhusband.com/2012/09/blueberry-breakfast-sausage-coconut.html. 2 of these patties, cauli-rice with spring onions and spinach, sweet potato

PreWo mayo hard boiled egg

WO 3x12 30kg front squats, 3x16 26kg chest press, 3x8 split squats 10 kg dumbells 3x16 bent over rows 21kgs, 2x16 lat pull downs 25kgs and 3 x8 46kg deadlifts.

PostWO hard boiled egg sweet potato.

M2 salad and chocolate chilli, banana

M3 1/2 palm steak, lettuce lick of http://www.thehealthychef.com/2013/03/healthy-chocolate-mousse/ which I made for my kids

M4 big steak, salad

M5 ( did I mention I have been hungry) 1/2 a banana, stewed apple, almonds coconut cream. Really could have gone another steak but no meat cooked and ready to go in fridge.

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Day 15, half way there (Woohoo!)

7.5 hours sleep, must.get.off.computer.at.9pm!

Feeling pretty good, pants fit : ) still having the 4-5pm blahs and still looking for swypo stuff after dinner. Tonight I am hanging for a glass of wine..HANGING!

M1 sweet potato caulie rice and spinach chicken patties

WO: no gym today but did a whole lotta pram walking

M2: chocolate chilli with salad sweet potato and yam bean (hello my new favourite veg)

M3 http://nourishpaleofoods.com/2013/03/24/chicken-orange-and-cabbage-salad/ modified this to include yam bean, lettuce and cucumber.YUM. 1/2 a serve at about 5pm when I was making it for the kids

M4 chicken orange salad the size of a small country.

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Day 16 - 6 hours sleep. Been a long day.

M1 chicken and blueberry patties, sweet potato, cauliflower.

WO: 3x12 front squat 31 kg, 3x16 bent over rows 22.5kgs, 3x16 chest press 26 kgs, 3 x12 lunges 15kg plate, 3x16 recline lat pull down 3x12 single leg deadlift 8?kg kettlebell

Post work out snack: chicken breast, sweet potato

M2 jimica-slaw, choc chilli burgers

M3: chicken and leftover veg "hot plate"

I have been reflecting on my last week and have decided to cut my carbs a bit to hopefully head the scales downwards over the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed I can do it. Hoping this focus will make me concentrate on eating to hunger signals other than my mouth wanting something lol

I admit I am a little daunted by a couple of things this weekend, but I am prepared to stick to my guns and come out the other side in one piece. : )

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I found it in my local Bushy Park fruit and veg wholesale (Diamond Creek). They don't always have it.

Day 17 and I am calling it quits. I have been really struggling with ED/OCD tendencies this time around and need to stop thinking about food so much for a while. I am annoyed with myself but have been doing lots of thinking, reading and talking about it and this


Made me cry with relief and felt like permission to let go and ease up on myself.

I might come back at some point but for now so long, and thanks for all the fish : )

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You are doing well glimmer, learning more about yourself each time. I loved that article too. I really struggled for much of this 100 feeling like I was binging on nuts and fruit and coconut and even put on a fair bit of weight but I was able to push through this time and get to a much better place. It may not last forever but I have formed some new good habits which will hopefully help me slowly achieve the changes I am looking for. I hope you do too when the time is right/

PS giving up coffee was a major factor unfortunately, couldnt believe how much it messed mne around but 100 days of food logging tells it how it is!

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