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Introducing myself on day 11


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Hi my name is Kate.

I am the mother of a 17 year old girls who wanted to go on this Whole30 in hopes that it would heal damage that has happened while fasting to her metabolism, and help her with stomach aches.

I, myself have been overweight and obese for the past 17 years. I had undiagnosed gestational diabetes 17 years ago and put on 80 pounds. I was unable to get back to a healthier weight until a year ago when I worked 60 pounds off through healthy eating, logging all food, and exercise. I have kept this weight from taking me over again for a year.

I want to be healthier. I want to support my daughter. We live with my husband and 8 year old son who are not on this Whole30, but are eating much of what we are eating for Meals 1-3 for the most part, but also go out for treats. As a result, we have junk food in the house that we must live with in order to keep peace- it may, over time, spirit its way away (circular files, large dark bags).

This is day 11, and this is very hard. I have given birth twice- this is hard. I have always taken my coffee black.

I wish us all well in this endeavor!!

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Hi Kate! Welcome! I too am working on getting healthy, getting stronger physically and emotionally, feeling good about what I am feeding my body and on taking off years of weight. I'm trying to focus on the getting healthy, stronger and feeling good about what I'm feeding my body and just trust that the weight will come off with it. I'm only a couple days ahead of you on my Whole30 (I'm on day 13).

You might want to check out the "Your Whole30 Log" forum: http://forum.whole9life.com/forum/24-your-whole30-log/ . I'm finding it really helpful to use my post there to write down what I'm eating along with any observations I'm making. I'm also finding it REALLY helpful to read other people's logs.

Like Tom said....glad you're here.

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