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Free Crio Brü Sample!


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Ran into this earlier today, maybe interesting? You only pay for shipping:



This Free Sample Pack comes with:

  • A 5 oz. bag of Cavalla Crio Brü brewed cocoa, with natural hints of coconut and cinnamon, made from 100% cocoa beans. This revolutionary new chocolate drink that brews like coffee will woo the chocolate lover who's tried everything.
  • A 2.5 oz. bag of Coca River Crio Brü brewed cocoa, with natural hints of green banana and blackberries, made from 100% cocoa beans. Crio Brü is full of antioxidants and other minerals that help increase energy, reduce hunger and boost your immune system.
  • A 2 oz. bag of rare and delicious Crio Beans. This unique treat delivers sky-high antioxidants and even more health benefits than dark chocolate. The unforgettable flavor of these chocolate covered cocoa beans deliver a delicate fruity body with deep chocolate notes.

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