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Happykate's Possibilities Log -(possibly the most bass ack-wards way of approaching the Whole30)


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Day 11 log

If I don't do this now and wait till I have time to write a log of the first 10 days- I will never start this. And I think that this is a good thing!

Meal 1 - 2 hard boiled eggs, 3 strips of no sugar, no restricted preservatives bacon, handful of spinach

mid am- handful of pistachios in order to take Advil

Meal 2 - 1/2 avacado, 1 serving of steak and pork stirfried in olive oil and coconut oil with onions and green beans. serving of sweet potato.

Felt great all afternoon, didn't need a nap and got a lot of reading done-It Starts with Food, but felt so good that I neglected to plan for dinner.

Had pistachios at about 4:30-5


waited until 5:30 to shop for dinner (dumb), Meal 3 on table at 15 till 7. Very late for us. I was miserable.

Meal 3 1 serving of chicken poached in a bed of water, broccoli, sliced apple, lemon, rosemary.

Tasted like hell. I choked it all down.

3 dates at 8 o'clock

Not happy with the way the evening went. I felt sorry for myself and very alone in this.

Possibly the evening was also influenced by my watching "Whats Eating Gilbert Grape". I didn't know that it is possibly one of the only movies that addresses obesity. However, some things "happen" for a reason. Maybe I was supposed to stumble on it on Netflix in Instant view.

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Hi Kate! Glad you found your way over to the Log thread!

I'm still learning that I really do need to plan ahead for all my meals too. Not so much exactly what I'm going to make but that I need to have Whole30 foods available to make at all times. I haven't mastered that yet--working on it.

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Thank you Nina! Deciding what to eat has historically been a difficult thing for me and my family!

OK. Here is the back story of my first 10 days of the Whole30.

Day 1- seems like 100 years ago.....Was half a country away in Michigan at a family gathering. My daughter (17) asked me to do the Whole30 with her. She gave me the basic rules. My daughter has had issues with eating way too little, has had stomach problems (pain) and wanted to get relief for her stomach and a healed metabolism. I am totally supportive of this. Though I thought that the goat cheese, greek yogurt, flax seed bread, and Lindt dark chocolate with sea salt, were going to be tough to not miss - these were my "treats" (which I called "righteous cheats") when I was actively losing 60 pounds a year ago. I shed the weight and have maintained this for over a year. So, on day one I had reason to believe that I was about 180-185. I did not weigh myself because I wasn't at home using my scale. I started after lunch on June 12, 2012. I dug my mother-in-law an annual garden that day, so it was an high intensity activity day. My husband cooked on the grill that evening - ribs! We also baked cornbread which my daughter and I smelled but did not eat. I began realizing just what I was going to be giving up. (the horror!!) We also had some kind of vegetable. I dont remember vegetables. I dont like vegetables. Seriously.

Day 2 was a flying day. We went to the store to get snacks to take on the plane. The label reading began in earnest. I remember getting home and because we had been gone a week, there was absolutely nothing on program in the house!!! I was a little panicked. I remember that this is the evening that I ate peas, which I didn't even contemplate not being on program. They were in the freezer.

Day 3-8 is a blur of activity (gardening at home, which included sheet mulching, which is hard work!!) and managing to feed myself, my daughter and my family based on what I could glean from the Whole30 website, blogs like Nom Nom Paleo (she rocks).

My eating followed a basic pattern based on my previous diet plan; first thing; one hard boiled egg, two strips of bacon. NO Carbs. midmorning; another egg with a piece of fruit, lunch, one serving of protein, one or two servings of greens and a handful of nuts. Pistachios are my favorite. I usually have another handful of nuts in the mid afternoon. Dinner was one portion of meat, one or two servings of veg. and a piece of fruit.

However, I think the carb-flu hit on day 8 - I have a sinus thing and began something intestinal - 'nuff said. I really want chocolate. The sugar Dragon is an evil, nasty beast.

Day 9 Thursday ------I bought "It Starts with the Food" for my Kindle. I felt that I was just half knowing what I was doing and getting frustrated. I realized then that I was probably eating too much fruit and that my nut eating wasn't the best thing either. On the other hand, I am eating on program and this is all healthy food. Right?

Day 10 Friday Meal 1 2 hard boiled eggs, three strips of bacon and spinach

this wasn't enough and at 10:30 I needed my pistachios.

Meal 2 Hamburger with sweet potato mixed in and........sardines. I swear, I thought I was gonna die. Its awful. I was trying to get some more calcium. Not ever going to do that again.

Meal 3 2 portionsTilapia with brussel sprouts

OK that is the back log. I am amazed at what I don't remember. Lots of steak, pork chop, spinach, green beans. I need to find more variety to eat. I am extremely fortunate to be in the Bay Area of SF and that this is summer. There is an abundance of fresh, in season food. The Sugar Dragon is a constant irritant, and I keep wanting to put everything on a cracker, or pair it with some goat cheese. I am sure that I have forgotten to say some things, but there ya go.

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Day 12, 24 June 2012

meal 1 - 3 soft boiled eggs, 4 bacon, handful spinach ( I'm done with spinach in the morning, can't stand it)

after church,1 strawberry, while waiting to have lunch, pistachios which staved off being too hungry

meal 2 - Lamb, brussel sprouts, squash "korma", SO SO delish!!

meal 3 - tilapia, sauce made with curry powder and coconut milk. Mixed cold veg; cucumber, carrot, broccoli, avocado with balsalmic

Really good day, not over hungry, happiness! My allergies are still bothering. I have more energy. I notice that the bloat is decreasing in my abdomen. My clothes fit differently. My hands and arms are thinner. My size 14 pants are baggy, my size 12 fit perfectly, no binding when I am seated - they usually cut into my abdomen. NICE!

I would love to have a piece of fruit - peach, watermelon, but I am concerned that this is the Sugar Dragon talking. So I'm going to put my foot down.

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Day 13

meal 1 - 3 soft boiled eggs, 3 slices bacon, 3 bites squash---too full to eat more!!


meal 2 Hamburger, squash

3 dates

meal 3 Chicken (crock pot) sweet potato

Good day, energy good. Head ache in the evening that I am having trouble getting rid of - in part due to sinuses.

Cooked much of the day. Tried the mayo, didnt work, but I don't like mayo, I like Miracle Whip - my daughter is the same, so really, it doesnt matter at all!! ( I did waist egg and oil though) So, it was a science-y afternoon.

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Day 14

meal 1 - 3 eggs, 1/2 sweet potato

11:00 Cashew Cookie Larabar that I bought while marketing. I was curious what all the fuss is about. I like it!!

meal 2 - Tuna salad with rice vinegar, celery and granny smith apple, 1/2 sweet potato

snack to have Advil- 6 grapes and a few pistachios

meal 3 - Beef and veg stew cooked in the crockpot all day.

I would have hoped to maybe feel better, but I am battling sinus headaches and my knee is quite achy. (arthritis). My mood is not happy. Everyone else seems to be so high on this, I would like to join in. I wake up at the crack of dawn though- getting less sleep than before. I wake with a lot of energy, but since it is 5 and the house won't be up until 6:30 - what to do? This too shall pass. But today it makes the cravings or rather the anger that gives me the idea, "chuck it all, lets have cake" that much worse. Am I going to be the one for whom this does not work?

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Day 15 - My husband's birthday found me carrying cupcakes to the house from his office and placing them on the counter to stay until he and my son eat them? Very interesting.

meal 1 3 eggs

meal 2 salad - chicken, greens, carrots, beets, olives, broccoli, raisins, spinach eggs......Larabar

I had meal 2 with Madeline and my husband, after eating salads we each tried different flavors of Larabars, having about 1/5 of each bar,

meal 3 eaten out at Yuban Japanese BBQ restaurant - all meats were not marinated, only salt and peppered - we had chicken, beef, shrimp, scallop, asparagus and Japanese sweet potato. We also had Oi Kimchi!!

I should also mention that after I posted my log for yesterday, a friend dropped off a bag of the most delicious plums from her tree. The best plum I have ever had!!

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Day 16

Lots of energy this morning, afternoon and evening finds me with my head and ears clogged. Last night I had the strangest dream of me working at the restaurant I worked at 30 years ago- drinking Dr. Pepper (which hasnt ever been a favorite drink).

meal 1 3 eggs

meal 2 At Celia's local Mexican restaurant - seafood salad; iceberg lettuce, avacado, carrot, baby shrimp, crab. Ordered with the cheese and dressing left off. Side order of guacamole. Pretty good.

meal 3 pork chop, asparagus, unsweetened apple sauce.

Very tired and want to sleep early 7:20. But will push through!! ( at least until 9!)

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Day 17

Great day! I worked out 15 minutes elliptical, 15 minutes rowing. Hubby and I went for a walk downtown - a little over a mile each way I think. Tired in the middle afternoon. I feel great as I am writing this.

meal 1 3 HB eggs

meal 2 squash with Korma seasonings and ground almonds, stewed chicken

larabar at 4- I was salmon hungry ( I don't like salmon)

meal 3 my "Mexican" creation -

-bed of butter lettuce and radiccio

-organic beef cooked in an orange/garlic/coconut oil reduction, with paprika, chili powder, and cayenne pepper spices. Sunflower butter ( 1/2 teaspoon) added at the end- this was a last minute inspiration and it made the meat taste like I had marinated it in the spices.

-guacamole on top

YUM!! I felt guilty cause I gobbled it up and loved the short time it took me. nom nom. (I think my eyes crossed at one point)

I had a homegrown plum an hour later. Cant let them spoil!! Can't make them into jam!!

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Day 18

1 - 3 eggs ( they hit my tummy hard, felt too rich or something - tired afterward)

Went to the movies for a 10:20 showing - swam in the smell of hot buttered popcorn. That was enough really, cause it never tastes as good as it smells!!

2 Lunch was late due to movie and not enough food in the house for everyone to eat, plus a totally unrelated thing happened that was very upsetting. So, I has a cashew Larabar and retreated to my room, slept for 2 hours. Woke up feeling very weak.

2. Trader Joe's Garlic Herb Chicken Sausage sauteed mushroom and sweet onion and asparagus. 2 plums. Felt better after an hour.

3 Steak, sweet potatoes with nutmeg, cinnamon and cloves.

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Great log Happykate :)

i started the Whole30 today, and i love how you've caputred your mood each and every day. Its giving me guidlines on what i can expect. Hang in there, you're doing great, over half way ;)

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Thank you so much for the confidence boost Ra_k_!! Very best wishes on your journey!! I am learning a lot!!

Day 19

Woke with the sun, as is usual. Debating on blocking the East window, but leaving the same shades on the West - it could buy me another 1/2 hour of sleep? Worth a try.

Great day. Sad day, have many friends who are moving away from this community and more will follow at the end of the summer. Im going to miss all of these folks, so I was a little down today, but not because of my chemistry.

Meal 1 - 3 soft boiled eggs, 1/2 cup squash

Meal 2 - NY strip steak, romaine salad with balsalmic, broccoli, green beans, fruit cup. 2 dates. This meal was eaten out at a local Mom & Pop place who will do nearly anything for you - leave cheese, croutons, tomatoes off salads- anything!! Nice folks. I have decided I hate green beans, merely choking them down.

Meal 3 - Tilapia with an egg-coconut flour crust, sauteed mushrooms, sweet potatoes

I made some sauce for the fish- orange reduction with coconut oil, then added banana and coconut milk puree and ground almonds- nice flavor for the fish.

Really feeling good today. I bought some kale at the store and will experiment with it tomorrow. I always have thought of kale as a decoration for a salad bar- thats what we did at the restaurant where I worked during college. Never thought of actually eating it!!

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Hi Becky, that is a very good question. I was ok with green beans before, but the kind I liked are the "old Home" fixings Green beans that you first put bacon and onion in the bottom of the pan until cooked, then add the green beans and cook them down until they are mushy- takes a couple of hours. The green beans that are more healthy and tough to eat are the ones that I have found to be almost choking -the more I eat them on the whole30 the more I am realizing I really dont like them. I found someone commenting today that the Paleo cookbook Well Fed has a recipe for green beans that the writer found delicious. I will try anything once!! (though, honestly I wonder, can they ever taste good?) I didn't have time to try out Kale as an edible food...so tomorrow!! So, yeah . some of the items I have not tried before, and somethings are things I have eaten if it was the only thing to eat vegetable wise. I have always looked for food combinations and texture, sweet/salty, and other flavor nuances.

Day 20,

1 3 eggs, 1/4 cup sweet potatoes

2. Tuna salad with grapes and eggs on a half an avacado

3 very small homegrown plums

3 Butter lettuce with Southwestern seasoned organic beef, topped with guacamole

slice of watermelon

2 dates - this was a knee jerk thing that I did without thinking. My son had a cupcake, and I found myself grabbing the dates. I am disappointed in myself.

I got a lot done today, lots of energy, my arthritic knee gave me problems in the after noon, I took Advil with a larabar- Never take advil on an empty stomach and always have a full glass of water with it!!

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Day 21

Meal1 - 3 eggs, 1/2 cup sweet potato

Workout - 10 minutes elliptical, 11 minutes crosstrainer, leg weights, 12 minutes crosstrainer

Meal 2 Warm tuna salad with sweet potato on a bed of cucumber slices....weird? ya

Larabar tasting - still like the cashew cookie the best- because the flavor is subtle

Meal 3 Steak on kabobs on the grill with onions and zucchini, home grown peach

A friend brought by some homegrown peaches and apricots, I had one of each in the late afternoon. They were crazy good, but I wish I hadn't had so much sugar in my system.

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Day 22 - Independence Day

Independence from eating anything on the potluck buffet table. It was a very difficult day in the hundred acre wood. Only one marching band in the parade that I attended - bright side; there were wonderful old cars and I now have my very own copy of the Constitution!

Meal 1 3 eggs, 1/2 small sweet potato

larabar - there was a brunch buffet in the yard that we watched the parade, I "needed" a nosh too!

Meal 2 2 hamburger patties, plate of spinach salad and strawberries dressed with balsalmic vinegar (I brought it to the fest). The part that really upset me was that my daughter, who asked me to do the Whole30 with her ate 2 hamburger patties, but didnt want the spinach salad. Sometimes I wonder if this is a way for her to eat less rather than learning how to eat better.

larabar - after the celebration, middle of the afternoon, and because I did not have a meal that truly gave my brain the "I'm satisfied" message.

Meal 3 Shrimp sauteed in coconut oil and olive oil on a bed of caramelized onions and garlic sauteed in ghee and evoo, and the bottom layer was spaghetti squash - this was very delicous, was gobbled up and everybody was happy!

Potluck dinners are hard. We are a clergy family so we go to quite a few of them. I think that If my daughter and I are to sustain this way of eating that we need to bring more than one dish to the party. We should also pick the dish that is offered by others that looks the best and have a sample - after the 30 days that is!! My husband was very sweet, and told me that the chocolate chip cookie that he had wasnt really very good - it looked awesome....and it really was, I could tell by the look on his face!

I walked about a mile today.

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Day 23 Great day, well morning. The guesswork of who will be here for different meals and people in and out of the house, eating and I can't find the food I purchased because its been eaten.......endless boiling of eggs.......I had a great morning though!!!! I would like to dispel the little black cloud that is above my head as I write this.

meal 1 3 eggs, 1/4 cup spaghetti squash ( new favorite veggie!!)

workout; 20 minutes rowing machine 3500 meters, weight lifting, 15 minutes crosstrainer 1.5 miles. Felt great!! Abundant energy, minimal pain in my rt knee.

Meal 2 Steak, 1/2 sweet potato

midafternoon pistachios, 4 dates

Meal 3 Crockpot organic chicken, old fashioned green beans chicken organ meat- so good! 2 small homegrown plums

Starting on our camping trip to the midwest ( yes, people do that) and am worried about feeding everybody the right way. I know, I know, stress makes the cortisol go up.....ugh.

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Day 24 woke up at 4:30 am, couldn't get back to sleep.

meal 1 3 eggs, spaghetti squash ---sauteed 2 eggs and the squash with some coconut oil ----yummo!!

Larabar ----LONG morning

meal 2 Success at making homemade Mayo - I like it with balsalmic vinegar though...always have been a Miracle Whip girl.

SO I made chicken salad on a bed of lettuce - would have been great on a Ritz though!! (I know, ugh) The salad had grapes and celery and a half an avocado on the side.

Meal 3 Shrimp on a bed of caramelized onions and sugar snap peas. 2 small plums from a friend's tree.

It is sad, we have been given wonderful fruit by friends and we can't eat it fast enough. I really can't cause I don't want all that sweet really.

They have a sale at our Safeway here in the Bay Area - Larabars .99 cents a piece!!! Happy Dance - cause our camping trip is coming up and I want to make sure to have a snack in case we don't get to a grocery store and get food ready. Thats my blood sugar talking, I know, old habits die hard....my sugars have felt much, much better - haven't been shaky, or ravenous, or angry/raging when I am hungry.

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Day 25

1. 3 eggs scrambled with spaghetti squash....yep I'm addicted!!

2. Steak, spaghetti squash and sugar snap peas

Kale chip experimention - best right out of the oven, if you put them in a bag and eat them later for supper, they lose their crispiness. I made a batch crazy hot with cayenne and garlic powder!!

Larabar with Advil

3. whole 30 compliant hot dogs made from pampered chickens, Saurkraut, spaghetti squash, kale chips. The two people who are not doing the Whole 30 had hot dogs on buns with mustard and ketchup with a side of bbq chips. Jealous, me? Na

Kinda low energy today. It was hot. I am under the stress of getting ready for our camping trip.

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In the morning, when its cool here, I slice them in half, put a little olive oil in the bottom of a baking dish and place the squash inside down in the pan. Oven 360 degrees F. They are in there for about an hour...I do a bunch of sweet potatoes and a squash at the same time to have on had for various meals. Then I turn off the oven and leave them until the oven cools off. When cool I put them in storage containers and refridgerate...ready for breakfasts. THis may sound complicated, but I have it routine now and its really easy!!

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Day 26

Really stressing about eating on the road. The plan; Cooking meat to put into the cooler to have on a salad at noon - either first thing in the morning, while cooking breakfast, or while making the evening meal. We are also worried about the cooler keeping up with the heat in the back of the truck. Finding suitable food on the road is not the easiest thing. Feeling pressure to end the Whole 30 now to not 'bother' the trip or the others in my family. It would be truly sad to stop now, I don't even know what I will add to my food list first. :huh:

meal 1 3 eggs and spaghetti squash

meal 2 - eaten at Jason's where they will cook to suit. "Cobb salad" Grilled chicken, on a bed of romaine with avacado, an egg (4 egg day) bacon--yes the bacon probably was cured with sugar, but I did not crave sugar after and I didn't eat much of the bacon. I self dressed the salad with balsalmic vinegar. Iced tea and lemon water - it occurs to me that I don't generally write what I drink --I have two cups of coffee in the morning after breakfast, and drink iced tea and water all of the rest of the day.

meal 3 lamb in the crockpot with asparagus and onion and orange. butternut squash with korma seasonings. :P

Really tired, stressed. I came across a Zone Perfect peanut butter protein bar - a staple for the past year and a half for getting through the morning or afternoon. Boy, did I want a bite! It represents comfort, a 'safe Protein shot" . The non Whole 30 people at our table at the restaurant had; oatmeal, french toast fruit dusted with powdered sugar, and penne with alfredo sauce. The oatmeal appealed to me. I would have loved to order an omelet with avacado...but I had already had 3 eggs in the morning. :wacko:

Peace, my food people. Peace to me. Wouldn't it be wonderful to experience the "Peace that passes human understanding"?

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"The green beans that are more healthy and tough to eat are the ones that I have found to be almost choking -the more I eat them on the whole30 the more I am realizing I really dont like them. I found someone commenting today that the Paleo cookbook Well Fed has a recipe for green beans that the writer found delicious. I will try anything once!! (though, honestly I wonder, can they ever taste good?)"

Oh Kate! Trust me-if you try the green beans from the Well Fed cookbook you will change your mind. Absolutely DELICIOUS. Had them again on Saturday night. Crazy good.

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Thank you Colleen!! I will try them once I get to my parents house or when I get home!! thank you so much for the shining recommendation!!

Day 27 Day 1 camping

1 3 eggs, spaghetti squash

2 lunch out of the back of the truck - Trader joes sausages chicken with garlic, whole avacado, 3 frozen grapes

3 Steak cooked outside and reheated sweet potato

Dear daughter has had a rough day with temptation and not having what she wants to eat and not willing to help make decisions at the grocery store. I think she ate 2 Larabars. She wanted a milkshake. Oddly enough I was the voice of reason (?).

I made pork for tomorrow's lunch, and there are still the sausages from trader joes.....

Another long day tomorrow. I drove 7.5 hours today and will do the same tomorrow. I was able to have a nice swim this evening!!

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