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90 meals to better health

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Despite a whole30 and a whole100, I am still a work in progress when it comes to establishing healthier habits.

I am having surgery in 30 days and dont want the stress of this to derail my eating habits which are much better but still variable. I also need to develop a sustainable post whole30 eating style that works for me with the inclusion of some alcohol, some dried fruits, maybe some popcorn and rice and white potato and corn etc or swypo meals but not too much.

So I thought I would set myself a goal to ensure the next 90 meals are healthy... three meals a day, protein/veg/fat in line with the template, and any incorporation of non whole30 items to be carefully managed to not make me less healthy. Coffee, nuts and coconut make me less healthy as do some fodmap veges so these are out/limited as well.

I also want to be at optimum fitness to assist a speedy recovery so my goal is to get some exercise every day, even if it is just a ten minute walk or some exercises late at night. I usually do a fair bit of exercise so that shouldnt be hard as long as I keep to the rails.

The three meals a day are to allow my troubled digestive system to rest as much as possible and also to stop me overeating so I can slim down a little. I want to go to bed a little hungry if need be and then eat a good M1 rather than add in extra meals or snacks like I have been doing in the past.

Sleep is important too.

Okay, I am ready to start with M1 of 90 first thing tomorrow

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Thanks for the support Scout!

Off to a good start, 9 hours sleep

M1 vege soup with ghee, a small piece of pumpkin, pork fillet and an orange plus about 1/3 cup of coffee

M2 salad with tomato and olives, pork fillet, 2 boiled eggs, a small sweet potato and a kiwi fruit

M3 salad with cucumber, tomato and olives, fried egg, small piece of bacon and a beef burger plus a couple of slices of pineapple.

Had 3 cups of cocoa and a cup of tea

Played table tennis and did 15 minutes of weights and exercises etc.

I am happy enough with how the day went.

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8 hours sleep but a bit restless. End of daylight savings too.

M4 vege soup, turkey mince and veges, ghee, blueberries and pineapple

M5 a slice of watermelon, salad with olives, raw carrot, baked kale, plus fresh cooked turkey mince with zucchini and sweet potato to last for a few days.

Also made a big pot of chicken curry with beans, pumpkin, potato, spinach, carrot and broccoli plus cooked the bones into a soup with parsley and rosemary plus cooked a couple of emergency steaks.

All set for the next few days now.

M6 at the in laws... Steak, egg, chicken nibbles, tomato, potato, pumpkin, fresh fruit. Ate lots but stuck to three meals!

Two cups of cocoa and two cups of tea, passed on wine with dinner. And together with a morning 35 minute slow run it was another good day.

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I was a champion table tennis player in my youth.... I represented my town (population 27,000) LOL... Of more value was winning soft drinks at music camp challenging the boys... Hmmm perhaps that was the start of my excessive sweet tooth.....

cool! My in-laws recently got a table & I love it.

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factoid fun - Table-tennis and ping-pong are actually different games :)


Whoa. You have to keep the ball off the table the whole time- that is DEFINITELY more of a workout than ping pong. Hardly even seems possible! I'm off to YouTube to check this skill (of which Juzbo is a CHAMPION!) for myself.

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7+ hours sleep, still adjusting to winter hours, woke up at 4:45am....

6km slow jog

M7 chicken and herb soup followed by by chicken curry. Half a cup of black coffee but now feel punched in the stomach... Stomach a bit upset by a bit too much fruit last night too?

M8 salad with olives plus turkey mince and veges and a kiwi fruit

M9 beef and vege stir fry, watermelon, scrambled eggs

Half cup of coffee, lots of tea and cocoa

Piloxing class

Had to have a post wo snack of bacon, tomato, apricots and seeds

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Thanks for asking cm.... I like variety!

Piloxing...a very rare exercise class.... Combination of ballet, Pilates and boxing.. To great music. Originated in Hollywood apparently, supposed to be exclusive to my gym.

Fodmaps... Groups of poorly digested carbs that cause IBS (irritable bowel) in some people.. It is an acronym too, main culprits are wheat, rye, onion, garlic, legumes and polyols in some veges and sweeteners and fructose in some fruits oh and lactose in dairy. The effect is individual though... I don't react to lactose.. But I react to dairy protein anyway..... So doesn't matter.

Now swypo is a whole30 term, I had to ask also at the start. It stands for sex with your pants on and means making junk or unhealthy habit food out of compliant ingredients... Most common is pizza, pancakes, muffins etc. the rules are a bit grey and depends on peoples triggers but if it causes you to be less healthy for what ever reason then it is swypo... Pizza cake made from eggs, cauliflower and bacon and other veg is not swypo as it is a healthy meal anytime despite its name and possibly appearance. Kale chips if eaten instead of proper meals can be swypo if they limited other foods etc

It is okay to have swypo meals when not on a whole30 as they are a better choice than the alternative usually... But on a whole30 they can prevent you forming new habits or set you up for failure by making you crave the real deal

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JUZBO! It's nice to see your routines and goals. I think almonds in any form for me except for a true emergency food would be considered swypo food... AHHHHH. I tend to want more than one serving just because... Doesn't matter if it's a waffle muffin or just plain dry roasted and salted almonds... So I think they're a no go for me. I am inspired by your sticking to 3 meals a day and will adopt it myself. Since adding almonds I've added in an extra and probably unnecessary meal at times... I know they say if you aren't hungry enough to eat steamed fish and broccoli, you're not hungry. So I think foods that represent "steamed fish and broccoli" would be raw almonds and raw carrots. I have no desire ever to eat those... I guess unless I'm truly hungry... Great to see your plan and log.

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Sleep 7 hours... Not getting better at more sleep but sleeping better

6km slow jog

M10 tomato soup with bacon, steak, blueberries with COCONUT cream, coffee again

M11 was a bit of a disaster, a planned morning tea out turned into lunch as it was after 1pm as i was late after having to wait so long for a blood test (for a cancer research project) so while everyone ate pastries I bought some dates and cassava chips, the latter had some added sugar (gasp my first sugar treat this year). When I got home I had to finish a job application and didn't want to spend anytime cooking so I just had a sweet potato and some sun dried tomatoes and some seeds. That and a cup of coffee lasted me until dinner at 7 pm so maybe I needed the carbs :)

Did a toning class before dinner, that helped too probably.

M12 salmon, potato and stir fried veggies, cocoa

Either buzzing with caffeine and sugar today or excited as I got asked to go to Sydney to kick off a new project which means more work which I need!

Probably both.... Hope I can sleep tonight ;)

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Sorry to read about your sleep, hope it will improve soon. It's amazing how poor sleep sets my day to be a "hand to mouth" kind of day.

Homemade chocolate? Really? My chocolate dragon is doing a happy dance, but would you be so kind to share the details? Hehe

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6 hours sleep

M16 mince and veges with ghee followed by a fruit platter on the airplane


M17 tuna, dried tomatoes, fruit tub, gf cake 65g which contained some quinoa and sugar

M18 cold deli meat and salad from airport lounge plus fresh and dried fruit and about 60ml of red wine

Cocoa when I got home.

I am very happy with today... A bit of unplanned food but not bad considering I was away from home from 4am till 10pm...AND I walked right past the jar of licorice allsorts at least three times without being seriously tempted..... Major win

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Hi Nadia,

Thanks for dropping in.

Lucky I was too busy yesterday to eat much but I definitely agree lack of sleep is a major craving trigger!

The chocolate was a 'reward' for that time of the month... Didn't really need it but wanted it.

I mix a handful of dried fruit mix.. This contains a small amount of added sugar but not much.. With some coconut oil say two teaspoons, a small spoon of seed mix and about three teaspoons of cocoa powder. Microwave for 30 seconds, stir, pour onto a flat dish and put in the freezer for 15 minutes.

It sets but melts slightly from the warmth of your fingers so not really transportable.. But yummy!

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9 hours sleep

Failed to exercise early but did go for a family walk and later on roller blading with my son for 45 minutes

M22 pumpkin soup, mandarin, egg and bacon, coffee.... might be time to start cutting back again

M23 tuna, olives, salad, avocado and sweet potato with cinnamon and ghee

M24 beef burger, salad, watermelon

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8 hours sleep

6km slow run

M25 dried tomatoes, a tsp seeds, orange, 2 eggs and bacon, 2 slices avocado

Was going to make pancakes with hazelnut meal but decided to have a real meal instead. Got some soup cooking and some sweet potatoes baking too

Sort of had a snack of some sweet potato chips and a date before lunch and a small bite of a free chocolate with coffee, I was going to have the chocolate but gave it to my daughter after having about a fifth of it... Too sweet and didnt taste like peppermint anyway.

M26 steak, salad, olives, avocado, sweet potato

M27 baked chicken and veggies, raspberries with cc, cocoa

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8 hour sleep

Raining this morning so did 2km at the gym then a Pilates class

M28 vege soup, chicken curry and an orange

M29 salad with olives and avocado, leftover baked chicken and veg

M30 salmon with mashed potatoes and veg

Post WO (piloxing) 1/4 beef burger, 1/2 small sweet potato, date, cocoa

No coffee today, 2 cups of tea.

This week no coffee and only small meals... Got to see if I can reverse the saddlebag trend!

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