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I'm gonna try this, because it's hard to put homemade (read: not processed crap) food in to


3 salmon cakes with tartar sauce

3 boiled eggs, apple + almond butter

Green curry pork + cauliflower rice from the "Everday Paleo Family Cookbook" by Sarah Fragoso

Tuna salad (2 cans worth) with homemade mayo over a bed of lettuce, banana

(I've got a couple of boiled eggs I might eat before I got to sleep at 6:00 am (been up since 10:30 am yesterday - so more food than normal).

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Wich day are you?

Day 10, now. This is my second go-round. I completed one in October and never felt better (sleep, exercise, mental acuity). Fast forward to the holidays and I was right back to my old, horrible eating habits. Gained back the 13 lbs I had lost. Grr..... This time, I'm doing a Whole 60. Hoping to see some major body comp changes and really NAIL DOWN some better eating habits. I'm also learning to "cook," so...there's that.

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Day 10 "Dinner"

Small bit of leftovers of Greek Hot Plate

Tuna Salad (1 can + homemade mayo) over 50/50 salad mix


(perhaps should have added more fat, but had the whole avocado and quite a bit of almond butter earlier)

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Day 11 "snack"

1/2 a Lara bar

Day 11 "Lunch/Dinner"

"Best chicken you will ever eat" from Well Fed Cookbook (1 breast)

Asparagus w/ olive oil, salt & pepper

Green beans w/ salt

2 pineapple rings

Handfull of macadamias

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Day 12 Lunch

Chipotle (restaurant) salad w/ double carnitas, double guacamole, and pico de gallo.

Couldn't finish it all (less than half), so brought rest home for dinner.

Ordering double carnitas and guac. Genius.

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Day 12 Dinner

The other half (it was actually more than half) of the Chipotle salad with double guac, double carnitas, and extra pico.

<10 prunes. I learned quickly that those are too sweet for me to enjoy sensibly and fall squarely under the category "food without brakes" in my case.

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It's 2:00 am. I will be done with my off-duty shift in 1 hour. My stomach was SCREAMING for food a bit ago, so I ran to the gas station and grabbed:

SIX hardboiled eggs (yes, six)


I ate them all and I still feel like I'm starving!!! Is this from the prunes, causing my body to crave simple carbs right now? This is ridiculous. Gotta suck it up. But this is NOT cool. I was hungry, so I ate (I did have a good workout). I'm still hungry. GAH!

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Crazy day. Slept 4 hours. Boo.

Breakfast Day 13

Scramble with: 3 eggs, 1 chicken/apple sausage, lots of kale, 1/4 onion cooked in ghee

Lunch Day 13

5 eggs worth of deviled eggs (made w/ olive oil mayo)


Almond butter

*Was trying to make this quick so I could catch some much needed sleep. Got 2.5 hour nap.

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Dinner Day 13

Italian (pizza) "Hot Plate" from Melissa Joulwan's Well Fed cookbook. Even my 10yo asked for seconds (who doesn't love pizza flavor?).

Handful of macadmias

Mixed coconut milk, frozen banana, and a touch of almond butter (wife made the tiniest cups of paleo ice cream, essentially, of her own accord and not at my request. but i didn't complain).

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