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Whew, that was close

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I'm on day 24 today, I am so close to finishing strong.

Today was such a strange day, I was just feeling rebellious I guess.

It's Friday, I don't work tomorrow, it is beautiful out, I am around friends and family, and geesh, I just wanted a cocktail like everyone else.

I had it in my head, I was just going to make one cocktail for myself, I looked up the least, uh, poisonous options and decided on a Nor-Cal Margarita, shot of pure agave tequila, juice of one lime, soda water and a cocktail shaker, done and done.

I already had all the ingredients, minus the limes, so I went and got them, had everything out and ready to go. Whipping up some dinner so I had some food with my drink and it hit me, "what the Hell am I doing? I have been so strong, not one person who has seen me in the past two weeks has gone without telling me how great I am looking, I am feeling incredible. I have withstood peer pressure and boredom for nearly a month. Stupid stupid, but I still wanted to have a drink.

I decided to make my drink, all the stuff in it, without the tequila, I would drink one, then, if I still wanted to, I could have my margarita, the real deal, I would live with the possible guilt and probable hangover in the morning.

I never did make that margarita, I made 4 glasses of soda water with my Soda Stream, with a squeeze of lime wedge in each one, it was delightful, refreshing, and helped me outlast that craving for rebellion.

6 more days...I can do pretty much anything for six days.

Cheers soda water.

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Yeah, way to outlast.

It's interesting to kind of sit in the middle of that kind of an emotional rebellion and feel the struggle going on. I think it means you really are developing the emotional tools you'll need for when you're done, to off-road with pleasure and confidence, without totally rolling your own bike.

Nice work.

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Like Old Farmer said, those psychological habits are strong. But you are changing things! Nice work recognizing and making the choice—not the habitual action—about what you want!

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