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macnamania's whole30 log


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Day 1 today, and so far so good.

For breakfast I made 2 hard boiled eggs, half an avocado and a heaping pile of roasted asparagus Made it through half of it and was very full. So I set the rest of it aside.

Lunch was the remainder of the plate from breakfast, a small sweet potato, and a bowl of strawberries with some coconut milk.

Dinner was beef stew, a few dates with some almond butter, and another bowl of strawberries.

Bought a flat of strawberries yesterday at the farmers market and unfortunately didn't take proper care of them yesterday, so now we have to eat them fast or lose them.

I'm fairly lucky in that I don't have trouble with sweets, but I am a snacker, so keeping from grazing, especially on the weekends will be a challenge for me. I'm also in the midst of training for a half marathon and a half ironman, so eating enough to support two-a-days is going to be a challenge as well. But I"m hoping that this month helps me figure out some of my stomach trouble, so I'm willing to take it on.

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I totally get not wasting food, but make sure you add in sufficient protein at each and every meal. Two eggs for breakfast was light as it it; if you at some of that for lunch too, you were not getting nearly enough protein. Kick in some more veggies too, and there will be no need or desire for snacks!

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Hi kb,

Thanks for the feedback.

A couple things:

1. I'm going from eating animal based (non-dairy) protein included in 1 meal a day to 3 meals a day. I'm getting protein fatigue* just thinking about it. So I'm working on ramping it up, but when a girl is full, she's full. And when I get full my mouth becomes all "Thou shall not pass." But I know. So like I said, I'm working on ramping it up.

*protein fatigue: a term I made up meaning I'm tired of eating so much meat and and so many eggs. I just get bored with it. Even when it's delicious.

2. No need to tell this girl more veggies. My notes may not have indicated it clearly, but I'm eating loads. Seriously.

3. The snacking thing will not be a a matter of being hungry, but a matter of breaking habit.

In other news. B-fast this morning included compliant turkey kielbasa (which was delicious and I'm stoked to have found some that is pork free) a large pile of asparagus and some olives as I discovered my avocados were a bit past ripe for my tastes. Large meal.

Thought I would be feeling not-so-hot as I really over did it on Saturday before starting on Sunday, but feeling pretty regular (in many senses of the word) this morning.

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Finished off yesterday with

Lunch: more turkey kielbasa, green beans, sweet potato, a small taste of coconut manna, and some more strawberries in coconut milk.

Had a long bike work out, and helped refuel/rehydrate with some coconut water

Dinner: Beef stew, mashed sweet potato, and strawberries in coconut milk.

So about this post work out meal. Um, I don't think I can fit any more food into my body. Let alone another meal. Any tips?

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Day 3 in the books and I'm still feeling pretty good.

B: turkey kielbasa, asparagus, and a spoonful of coconut mana

Made some mayo, prepped some nomnompaleo damn fine chicken

L: salmon salad with mayo and pickles, mashed yams.

Got super full after eating half the salmon salad, which was a bit light on the protein, but my mouth was like no.

Pre-WO: Since I went light on lunch I was actually pretty hungry for a pre-wo meal, ate 2 hb eggs and another spoonful of coconut mana.

Also baked the chicken and made some sweet potatoes so they would be ready for me as soon as I got home from the gym.

jogged to gym, cross-fit for 75 minutes (long and hard class today, plus it was the first one that the temp has been up for, sooo sweaty), jogged home.

Dinner: damn fine chicken thigh, mashed sweet potato, green beans

Energy is still regular, no crazy cravings. Overall feeling normal. Although I haven't been bloated for the last two days, so that's a plus.

I start a new job tomorrow, so my fridge is packed with lunch sized portions to help me stay on track.

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Day 4 is over and all is still well.

I'm thinking I've gotten off pretty easy. Fingers crossed it stays this easy.

B: scrambled eggs with hot sauce, mashed sweet potatoes

Should have added some extra fat beyond what was in the mash and the eggs, as I was getting hungry for lunch a little early.

Also was a bit sleepy this morning, but that may just have been due to sitting in on a meeting at the new job where I understood about 1 out of every three words. Oh learning curves.

L: beef stew, dates and almond butter

D: damn fine chicken, mashed sweet potato, spicy braised pressure cooker kale, and the last of the strawberries.

Still have a fridge full of left overs, but getting excited about what next weeks meals might be. I'm considering taco meet for taco salads, cauliflower fried "rice", and beef with broccoli.

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Hmm, let's see if I can remember day 5 and day 6.

Day 5

B: scrambled eggs and green beans

Definitely need to work on getting some more fat at breakfast. This whole consistently eating a big meal shortly after waking up thing is still rather new to me, so I feel so full at breakfast, but then start getting hungry around 11am. Too early for lunch, but too close to lunch to require a snack.

L: beef stew, dates and almond butter

pre w/o: 2 hb eggs and 2 spoons of coconut mana

Went for a run, but was thwarted. My toes have decided they hate my current running shoes, so I came back early. I was still pretty full from my pre w/o meal, so I ate a small meal for dinner.

D: ground beef and tomato sauce over sauteed zucchini and summer squash

My husband's school group was meeting up at Buffalo Wild Wings. I went and just had club soda with lemon. Wanted a beer, but otherwise I was fine as I sat and chatted while everyone else munched on wings.

Day 6:

Woke up early, hopped on the trainer and biked for about 45 minutes. Didn't eat before hand because the thought of putting food in my stomach at 5:30am was totally gross. Needless to say, I was very hungry when I got off the bike.

B: turkey kielbasa (I just bought a bunch more of this. It's definitely been my favorite breakfast protein) green beans, mashed sweet potato.

I thought with the fat in the kielbasa, and the mashed sweet potato I would have a better handle on my hunger today, but I think I still need just a bit more fat in the morning.

L: ground beef and tomato sauce over sauteed zucchini and summer squash, dates and almond butter.

The portion of meet and veggies I packed for lunch was on the small side. Like the too small side. Was famished by the time I left work. Made a trader joe's run, and scarfed one of the bananas I bought as a snack.

D: ground beef and tomato sauce over sauteed zucchini and summer squash, half an avocado.

so, made it through days 5 and 6 with little trouble aside from some portioning issues. Still feeling pretty good, Had a little bit of the kill all the things last night (day 6) but it seems to have passed. Oh, and totally had my first food dream last night. Dreamed I drank chocolate milk and then freaked out because I didn't want to have to start all over again. I was very glad to wake up and realize it was just a dream.

Onto Day 7!

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Day 20:

The other day I thought all was lost when I was out with a supplier for work and they wanted to take us out to lunch. Luckily the credit card reader was down at Chili's, so we ended up at 5 Guys. I went with a bunless burger, which was basically like a hamburger salad, and was quite relieved when I checked in here and saw that it was in fact compliant.

Still having a bit of up and down mood wise, and I've had a persistent headache for the past couple days, but overall feeling better than I was last week.

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Day 24:


No tiger blood.

Lack of appetite.

Mild bloating from unknown source.

I think the protein fatigue has set in, but I know that if I want to keep from snacking or getting hungry between meals I need to keep it up.

Sorry to be such a downer, my mood is actually swell. I'm just bored with this.

(and looking forward to some dairy and a drink in the near-ish future)

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